SUBAJ of Subazh Global network is the platform which has arisen as the first unique and Global ecosystem of a chain which is implemented for online payments of advertizing campaigns and also for remuneration of the program of exchange that participants can use mobile methods. This platform creates large market in which all types of the companies of businessmen of service providers can take part and receive benefits. Participants of the project can make decisions on creation of own counters for business and also to remuneration of the potential clients. Distinctive feature субаж from other projects is that this platform created on the basis of a chain of blocks allows its participants to trade in freely created counters with tokens субаж (SBJ).

She provides the advanced useful model and sophisticated to an infrastrustura where all types of retail dealers, merchants, clubs and communities can participate to create their own markers of business and to offer them to clients as remunerations of loyalty. For example the college or the university can release own counters for the students and employees using the platform of a subazh-chain (SBJ). In the same way SUBAJ the Fitness club can offer the counters of membership in the world community. First of all  seeks to create more intelligent world through charity foundation  which is devoted to rise and improvement of quality of unfortunate children from different corners of the world.

SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP) provides means for data exchange with clients where they can exchange variuos within the platform (SPR) or trade in them for SBJ of counters. SXP also futures of many other types available in the market. All sellers, retailers, the companies and the organizations can list the business markers on the SUBAJ Exchange platform (SXP) and make them available for clients from around the world.

Clients can easily exchange their native crypto tokens or Fiat for SXP currency in any business token and to use them on merchant shop which priznavat these tokens. Thus clients can also convert the crypto awards into SBJ counters or any other company SUBAJ and then in any place they want them.

Feature SUBAJ

new users have an opportunity to receive business tokens as a loyalty award from the companies of dealers or service providers.

in this case goods or services and also awards "look for" their owners but not in other party as in usual online trade.

This platform allows users to earn creating own counters of loyalty and advance of the brand among wide audience subaj  ecosystems.

use of a chain of blocks provides to users the highest level of credibility creation of transparent conditions for commission of transactions and also a possibility of setting up the personal account of the user by means of a safe mobile application.

This platform participates in development and expansion of geography of charity foundation which is engaged in improvement of quality of life of needy families and their children from around the world.

Information on a token:

Token name: SJB

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: erk20

Quantity: 5 000 000 000 SJB

Price: 1 SBJ = $0,05




Quantity: 1 000 000 000 SJB

Beginning of the auction: 06/18/2018

Completion of the auction: 07/18/2018


from 300 000 SJB of 10%

from 600 000 SJB of 20%

from 1 000 000 SJB of 30%


Number: 1 500 000 000 SJB

Beginning of the auction: 07/19/2018

Completion of the auction: 01/08/2018


July of 19-25 5%

On July-August 26 1 0%.


Website :
Twitter :
Telegram : https://t.Me/subajofficial 

Proof of authentication / author 

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1058023

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