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Svandis ICO

Short description of the project:

Svandis - the new decentralized platform the idea of which is dictated by time. With development of the cryptomarket and increase in number of cryptocurrencies and the cryptoexchanges the need for creation and management of portfolios of cryptoassets increases. And for this purpose the analyst needs to be aware always of the latest news to have near at hand forecasts and other tools necessary for adoption of deeper trade and investment decisions in the unstable world of digital assets. In it authors of the Svandis project see the mission. The platform will be intended first of all for professionals, traders and investors in the cryptomarket. The news line the mode of real time which will be controlled by professional analysts 24 hours a day is provided in the platform. Check of sales of ICO and tokens with use of the standardized template and the check list the purpose of which to keep track of reliability of information on ICO or sales of tokens. Use of artificial intelligence. By means of the DataMining application it will be possible to take pages of the website and other content for carrying out the analysis of data in real time. Visualization of data of the analyst and forecasts of the Svandis platform will allow users to operate the assets successfully.

Pluses: The growing need for a product. Low competition. Strong team the team having practical experience in technological and in business to the sphere. Powerful advayzer. Vokky Poobah - one of technical advisers of Svandis expert in safety on intellectual contracts, has developed and has checked intellectual contracts for more than 20 companies. Among professional players - advayzer from Cindicator, Credits and Akropolis. The thought-over token economy. The tokens received for products will be under control on July 1, 2020. Level of access to products will depend on quantity of tokens at the user.

Minuses: Tightly professional subject though with development of the exchanges and increase in number of cryptocurrencies probably everyone has at least once tried as the trader. Whitepaper isn't published yet that is connected with complexity of a subject and need to work many nuances but judging by the road map it is planned to make it in the near future.

Short-term potential of growth: high
Long-term potential of growth: high
Risk of investments: low

Existence of Bounty of the program: is.
Distribution of fund of a baunta of a campaign (up to $200 000 in Svandis tokens):
40% of fund are reserved for content campaign. 25% for a campaign of signatures BitcoinTalk, 20% - Telegram and 15% of Baunti fund will be reserved for a campaign of Twitter. About conditions of participation in Baunti programs read according to the reference:

Name of cryptocurrency: SVN
Exchange proportions, at ICO stage: 1 SVN = $0.05
Dates, PRIVATE PRE-SALE - 05/2018
ICO: 2Q 2018 years, it isn't defined more precisely yet
Blockchain: Ethereum
Hard Cap - $12 million

Proof of authentication / author
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1058023

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