The Pioneer Of Textile And Technology Unification - Loomia

Have you ever imagine wearing electrical boots and clothing that can be controlled detecting heat and light? If you think that this could be only imagination, then you haven’t got acquainted with Loomia blockchain platform which already offers such stuff.

Nature, Nurture and Technological Submission

The progressive global market growth has long become a well-known fact, needless of detailed analyses. Standing out in that process of the fast progression is the magnificently improving technology. Using the opportunities that the broad commercial circumstances have to offer, the Loomia technology company profits from the art of trade by adjusting the new possibilities to the consumers' needs barely anyone has thought of so far. Loomia focuses on the everyday needs and objects regularly used on a daily basis and uses the smart technology to create the smart items which serve the certain needs. The idea is useful, the method is simple, yet complex, and it is only a matter of time when it will become globally spread.

Loomia is making sensitive fabric

Today Loomia is concentrated on the companies which want to use its products. Loomia aims to understand how consumers are able to use electrical clothing for their benefits. Smart fabric is not a miracle, it really exists with the help of Loomia’s professional and motivated team. The team is sure that designers must think about mixing high quality fabric with innovational technologies, and the result is astonishing. Loomia is not going to become a fashion company and they continue saying that this company is concentrated on technology, but not making fashionable and stylish clothing and shoes. The company doesn’t sell its products right to consumers, it sells them to suppliers.

Loomia’s clothing are from very thin fabric and even don’t have a weight. Under the fabric you will notice an electrical layer which is connected to a slim battery. This battery solves the question: it controls heat and light. In one word sensor inside the fabric collects information about the person wearing Loomia made clothing. Sensors are quite sensitive and have information about temperature, motion, wear frequency, etc.

The Loomians

Loomia team is very big and continues to grow, because the company always is in search of most talented and professional people to work with. Loomia involved in its team engineers, designers and leading executives from popular industries.

Jannet Liriano is a project manager who has a quite big role at Loomia She is responsible for gathering costumers’ requirements and needs around the interface, as well as examine costumers experience, logistics and manufacturing.

Madison Maxey is the founder of Loomia and has very long experience in tech field. She has advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing skills, perfectly knows JavaScript and physical computing. She is also a ghost writer on 3D printing textbook.

Ezgi Ucar is the Director of Product Development at Loomia where she puts innovative and developing ideas for growing the manufacturing processes. Her experience includes working as an independent design and technology consultant in the frameworks of smart textile.

Brand Advisor of Loomia is Paul Raffin, very popular C-Suite executive with forty years of experience in managing consumer goods.

Loomia promises to include in its team the ones who understand the mix and combination of innovative technology and fabric. IF you are ready to bring new ideas, then here all are happy to welcome you.

Loomia is growing day by day. It promises new vision in technology and fabric industry. The token sale will start in 30 days and Loomia promises surprises and discount for those who will be an early contributors. Therefore if you are in search of new ideas, then Loomia Company can be a good choice for you to develop your ideas and make them come true.

The Rewarding Token System

The data transferred to the Storj Labs' cloud could be accessed by the users in exchange for the tokens stored in the user wallet on the Loomia Tile. The Loomia tokens have to be previously converted to the Storj tokens with the Loomia Data Exchange option, while the personal data accessed by the users it belongs to is manageable, meaning it could be operated within any desired way, including the trade. It is important to emphasize that the user data is exchangeable for the token cryptocurrency exclusively.

Choosing from the rating list, the third-parties are also able to access the user data in exchange for the tokens, which they could also use to reward the users for the identity score in case it is above the average. The Loomia tokens are convertible even further, meaning they could be exchanged for the Bancor tokens, which is a very convenient feature, since the Bancor tokens are also convertible to the other token cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Gnosis and Stox. The token rewards and exchanges are highly convenient for those users who are prone to practicing the online trade and purchase.

Simultaneously nurturing the global consumers' needs and profiting from the wide range of the global market offerings, Loomia makes a great accomplishment with its future-altering invention. The only thing left for Loomia to proceed with to last, succeed and become a giant in the competitive jungle of the global market is making its magnificent products widely affordable. As for now, Loomia certainly is facing a bright and a warm future. 


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