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\What is Global Mining Token (GMT) ?

GMT Token is an Ethereum based token representing the right to purchase and trade Cryptocurrency Mining Capacity, or Processing Power (“Hash Rate”) at a discount on the Global Mining Platform website provided by OR Realbit. GMTs will provide cumulative and increasing discounts when purchasing different Hash Rates for multiple cryptocurrencies. Tokens will provide discounts on purchases of Hash Rates of choice (i.e. BTC/BCH/LTC/etc).The GMT Project came into existence from a joint venture partnership between the people behind OR Blockchain Investments, which offers managed investment structures and vehicles for the world to invest in cryptocurrency markets and instruments, and RealBit Mining, official Bitmain distributor and premier datacenter manager and provider of hash rate, who joined forces to create OR-RealBit.GMP aims to create, facilitate and maintain a global marketplace for hash rates as investment assets. Hash rate tokens will be sold at first, then be freely traded on our order book platform. GMT tokens will serve as facilitator offering cumulative discounts on hash rate tokens sold through the GMP. OR RealBit will be able to provide hash rate or processing power in all of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. Moreover, it will also through the Global Mining Platform provide the ability for token holders to sell and transfer their hash rate tokens to each other and third parties. If holders use the GMT token to buy hash rate tokens, then the GMT Token will be frozen until they sell those hash rate tokens.The GMT Token will be the first and only token to allow holders to enter AND exit cryptocurrency mining investments at any time at a cheap, profitable cost through its aggressive discounts. OR RealBit´s hash rate comes from top tier data centers in mainland China, as well as Iceland. Our data centers employ state of the art technologies such as advanced efficiency cooling systems, dust free vacuum sealed environments and proprietary mining robots — guaranteeing a 94% efficiency/machine uptime rating, the highest in the market.

What is GMP Platform ?

The Global Mining Platform (GMP) will be a state of the art gateway to mining cryptocurrencies. Miners will be able to check their daily balances and have their mining returns delivered to wallets of their chosing.For the first time ever, token holders will be able to transact in Hash Rates. It will allow members to:1. Purchase Hash Rate tokens
 2. Allocate their Hash Power to mine the currency of their choice
 3. Sell their Hash Rate tokens
 4. Use their GMT Tokens to incurr a discount when buying Hash Rate TokensUpon using the GMT token, it will be frozen until the user sells his Hash Rate Tokens. At that point GMT Tokens associated with that user will unfreeze and be allowed to trade. 

 Example of Real Time Hash Rate Allocation[/caption]

How Global Mining Token (GMT) Works ?

The GMT Token provides cumulative discounts on hash rate tokens on the Global Mining Platform. The more GMT holders purchase the bigger the discount.Hash Rate per Second Measures

  • Gigahash = (1000*10⁹) or 1 Billion hashes per second
  • Terahash = (10¹² hashes) or 1 Trillion hashes per second
  • Petahash = (10¹⁵ hashes) or 1 Quadrillion hashes per second
  • Exahash = (10¹⁸ hashes) or 1 Quintillion hashes per second

Each GMT token represents the right to purchase Hash Rate Tokens at a discount.
 Example: Token Price 0.05 Dollars 

Cumulative Discount Table 


  • Each Hash Rate Token (BTCgh) represents 1 gH/s worth of hash rate minus energy and logistics cost and rent fee.
  • Hash Rate Revenue: The revenue created from mining your currency of choice
  • Effective Energy Cost: The energy cost paid out to mine your currency of choice2
  • Logistics and Maintenance Cost: The cost maintaining the software, peripherals and machines, including operational costs such as salaries, rent and repairs.
  • Rent Fee: OR RealBit´s fee for managing the operation.

BTCgh Hash Rate Token Revenue Model

  • + Hash Rate Revenue
  • – Effective Electricity Cost
  • – Logistics and Maintenance Cost
  • – Rent fee (15% of Net Value)
  • = Payout

Actual Real Life Example:

  • Date: 10/15/2017
  • BTC Price: 5700 USD
  • Difficulty: 1,196,792,694,099
  • Hash Rate: 1 Terahash/s (1000 BTCgH Tokens)

 ROI Calculations: 

 All expenses are automatically deducted daily from hash rate revenue, or mining rewards. Our datacenter engineers maintain and repair our equipment daily. Mining revenues and dividends will be paid out as long as revenues are greater than costs.

How About Distribution and Rates ?

OR Realbit operations are easily expandable and scalable, allowing it to issue more GMT in accordance with demand for new hash rate discounts and installing timelines. As we issue Hash Rate Tokens on our platform, we will issue a limited amount of GMT tokens as well. We plan to maintain a lower amount of GMT tokens availabe on the market as to maintain its market value. We are constantly adding to capacity and building new operations as to provide the necessary and augmented liquidity the market so requires.There is no cap on hash rate tokens as long as we continue to add hash rate capacity to our facilities. Hash Rate Tokens have an intrinsic value, meaning the global market rate for the hash rate provided (1 gh/s). It is unlikely that a hash token price will go below its intrinsic value floor. All costs and commissions are included in the token hash rate protocol. OR RealBit will not issue, as a rule, more Hash Rate tokens that planned or available hash rate capacity.If the token sale is over-subscribed, meaning that there is more demand for GMT tokens than there are hash rate tokens and existing facility capacity, the capacity will be allocated to the GMT tokens in the order in which the GMT tokens were purchased.GMT Tokens will be delivered 2 months subsequently after each batch and hash rate will be available for purchase with GMT´s discounted rates on the Global Mining Platform. There will be a 3% equivalent amount of GMT Tokens reserved for bounties (up to 350,000 USD) which will be distributed at the end of the ICO.

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