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TruePlay ICO

The industry of computer games not the first time becomes a subject of the projects based on use of technology a blockchain and cryptocurrency and respectively by a subject of our reviews. But this time it will be a question not just of computer games and of the industry of gamblings a gambling and if to be more exact – online a gambling.

What is a gambling and what it is eaten with?

The Gambling is a synonym of gamblings which consist in receiving a prize in the form of percent by means of introduction of a certain sum as a rate at the same time this prize most often depends not on skill and skills of players and on accident and luck.

Online the gambling is his such branch which consists in granting to players an opportunity to gamble via various devices and gadgets. Most often in such type of gamblings personal computers tablets and smartphones but the main condition are used - it is Internet access.

Online the gambling and its market promptly grow together with more global industry – game, in general. So in the past 2017 income from such gamblings in the Internet has totally made nearly $50 billion, and by 2022 experts predict his increase even up to $82 billion a year.

Apparently the industry of a gambling was rather perspective. Most likely it is connected with human passion from which apparently it is possible to earn not bad. Nevertheless already 85 countries have officially legalized online a gambling worldwide though the governments of many others are still extremely negatively ready concerning the industry of gamblings.

What is TruePlay?

That blockchain project about which we speak today belongs to the industry gambling online therefore in the next three articles we will try to tell you about the key moments of the platform. In this article we will talk about the TruePlay project and its idea literally briefly and already in the following part of the review we will tell about volume what role will play TruePlay in the market of the game industry of a gambling in particular.

And as not so long ago the first project on creation of the platform of gamblings of FairPlay on the basis of TruePlay that has been started we can't miss an opportunity to look as she looks and what opportunities opens therefore in the last part we speak about the game FairPlay platform and about that as interaction of participants within TruePlay is arranged.

So the idea of the TruePlay project is in creating the platform decentralized by B2B for maintaining online a business gambling on the basis of technology a blockchain and specially released TPLAY tokens. Thus two main products – the platform and tokens will be started.

The main thought which is put in the project is directed to creation of an honest and transparent gambling thanks to what the trust of users to similar gamblings will grow many times. Thus users will be able to control completely game process and impossibility of a juggling of results that will make gamblings the most honest.


It is very important to understand that the TruePlay platform is not the certain platform for digital distribution the supplier or the developer of games. This some kind of software for other platforms including online casino which allows them conveniently and favourably to interact with all participants of the market on a transparent and honest basis.

Therefore various blockchain projects and the operating platforms on the basis of technology on the basis of P2P aren't competitors for TruePlay B2C of the platform just they are the main target audience actually and online casinos, and platform B2B – nothing else as the competitor for TruePlay are.

TPLAY tokens

Partially tokens of TPLAY is that element on which interaction between all participants of the industry online of a gambling including between operators players suppliers of gamblings of online casino affiliates and of course the TruePlay platform is constructed.

Prize and reserve funds of games which are exposed in the online casinos created through TruePlay also will be created from TPLAY tokens that each of participants of gamblings that is players could receive the deserved prize.

In the following part of the review we should find out what role will play the solution of TruePLay of the industry of game business to be exact of business gambling online. For this purpose we will talk about those problems which were created in this sphere and about those solutions which are proposed by creators of TruePlay to get rid of them.


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