WEBLOC: A detailed about Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol

The advertiser doesn’t have to spend a huge number of cash on placing their ads in a better place. They can offer rearwards to the consumers and the consumers can get compensated for their participation via the block-chain backed token system. In order to shift the usual advertising system toward a Block-based one, there have to be many advertising networks in the marketplace and the networks have to be linked via the block-chain powered protocol to have a remarkable impact.

WEBLOC is a plan built on the ICON foundation platform that aims to help advertisement platforms made decentralized promotion systems. These systems will permit promoters to publish ads at sensible prices while many viewers will get compensation for their participation.

More about WEBLOC Protocol

Alteration of the existing system by developing the Alliance

WEBLOC Protocol will establish a tokenized adverting system collaborating with their partner and relevant firms they have. The Protocol they provide gives economic compensation by the calculating value of contributors in ads with token, and features for the strategic joint ventures so that they can tokenize backed on the Block by themselves.

Creating consumer internet-based advertising system

Preventing from over trusting on advertiser by making tokenized advertising market where the consumer can be rewarded. WEBLOC Protocol provides consumers with clear evaluation as well as compensation over consumer’s economic value and makes a link that can reflect consumer’s direct intention via WEBLOC Protocol in order to make such reasonable marketing distribution system.

WEBLOC Economy

The WEBLOC Protocol, a block-based new advertising alliance ecosystem will offer rewards to each player including media, advertisers, and consumers. in particular, the WEBLOC Protocol economy ecosystem offers sufficient rewards for the consumers who contribute in the advertising include them to join the WEBLOC Protocol system, in the WEBLOC Protocol system, media, advertisers and consumers will have diff revenue model.


Media is the main channel to expose the ads to consumers. As a reward for exposing ads to consumers, media can acquire WIP from marketers. In addition, as a reward for contributing in the WEBLOC Protocol system, media can get part of tokens of the WEBLOC Protocol system pool in proportion to the value of participation.


Advertisers have to swap WEB with WIP on 1:1 ratio in the WEBLOC Protocol system. WIP can be applied to the advertising alliance. Unlike the usual advertising ecosystem, WIP will be offered to consumers as a collaboration reward so that the importance can rise inside the WEBLOC Protocol system by the active contribution of advertiser, users, and media. It’s possible to provide info clearly to the consumers and advertisers can offer efficient targeting of ads on their budget.


Users, who play the main part in advertising revenue, can get WIP as rewards for contribution in the WEBLOC Protocol system. In addition to the contribution rewards, consumers can get more rewards according to the reputation on the advertisement of certain advertisers.

Finally, users can get diff amount of rewards based on the time they’ve stayed and the value of token they’ve retained for a certain term in the WEBLOC Protocol system. It’s because the retention of the tokens by consumers is considered to collaborate to the WEBLOC Protocol system.

User Reward Pool

Consumers participating in WEBLOC Protocol system can get WIP tokens as rewards that can be applied in the WEBLOC Protocol system. Users can have three diff ways to get rewards in the system: reputation, participation, and bonus. The value of rewards explained below has been transferred 25 percent of the full user reward pool into 100 percent.

Reputation rewards (30%)

Status rewards the further incentives that’ll be given to users who incessantly participate in the establishment of the transparent and fair WEBLOC Protocol system without abusing. Status rewards will be given to the complete users in the WEBLOC Protocol network according to the number of contribution and abusing last month on each primary week of the month.

Participation rewards (60%)

Users inside the WEBLOC Protocol system can get rewards by contributing to various types of ads exposed to users. As the active contribution of users is a vital part in the WEBLOC Protocol system, contributors should take the largest share of the whole user reward pool.

Bonus rewards (10%)

The WEBLOC Protocol system is run by the WEB token having the switch worth and the WIP token to manage the service system. In order to lift up the value of WEB tokens, active demand and supply of WIP tokens would be significant and the act retaining WIP tokens by consumers can be regarded as a precious action contributing to the WEBLOC Protocol system

WEBLOC Protocol WEB Token and ICO Details

The WEBLOC Protocol token is among the initial token is to be made on ICON. WEB will be a utility based token which can be utilized to measure the value of the tokens issues through WEBLOC Protocol. Consumers that wish to part of the platform will need to convert WEB to WEBP. This token is network token that’s allocated fairly to contributors of this platform as a reward for their participation.

• Ticker: WEB

• Token type: ICON

• Fundraising Goal: USD 17,800,000 (11,000,000 ICON)

• Full Tokens: 10,000,000,000

• Available for Token Sale: 40%

• Country: South Korea


The program is just founded at the start of 2018 and thus, the only the concept of the plan is written and made available openly in Consensus 2018. The technological solution remains in the very typical idea. Though, the issue will live in July 2018 (already done), and start collecting details.




The program idea is not new because there is some other projects that similar plan such as ADHIVE. They try to redesign the marketing sector and try to deliver a clean advertising economy ecosystem: therefore, who actually buy and use the items will get more rewards for their participation.

Though, there's not too many info avails to everyone whether there's collaboration among the group with ICON and VCs group because WEBLOC Protocol team and ICO group LinkedIn profiles are presently not available. With the support of ICO foundation tech, the success chance of the plan will very well and the plan can meet its milestone one the Road map. Before making a final decision about an investment, confirmations of the joint venture have to in place.

For further info PLZ visit following links:

Website: https://webloc.io

• Telegram (Open channel): https://t.me/webloc_official

• Telegram (Notification): https://t.me/weBloc_Notice

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weBloc.io/

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/webloc_io

• KakaoTalk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gXVlkWO

• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/webloc/

• Whitepaper (KR): https://static.webloc.io/whitepaper/weBloc_whitepaper_kr.pdf

• Whitepaper (EN): https://static.webloc.io/whitepaper/weBloc_whitepaper_en.pdf

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