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Access Network empowers the underserved to govern their own financial future by directing incentives towards the developments they want to use.
The ACX network is a self-sustaining repulsive economy that allows participants to establish financial access for themselves.Participants are given incentives to create long-term values with each other by controlling the distribution of the network incentive pool in a democratic way.This interaction is enabled by modular smart contract suites that alter and distribute funds across the ecosystem based on network requirements.

Many adults around the world do not have access to the types of official financial services provided by regulated financial institutions. For example,in sub-Saharan Africa,only 24% of adults have bank accounts, although the formal financial sector of Africa has grown in recent years.It is said that financial services can be seen in positive and meaningful external conditions in which more people and businesses participate.

Communities in developing countries are confronted with pressures from the real world but do not have access to financial instruments and technologies to improve their situation. The Crypto community paved the way for the heartbreaking blockchain solution but lacked a fairly simple user base to make their innovations instantly memorable in the real world.We introduce the access network or ACX network as a way to align the interests of this community so that they can solve the problem.


• The Access Network aims to provide financial services which meet the requirement of the participants without intolerance. The Access Network also aims to increase the effectiveness of financial input initiatives by financial inclusion.

• The Access Network platform is a blockchain based decentralized platform which creates a self-tolerable financial network. The platform will design a network that makes financial inclusion for the underprivileged that are avoided by the traditional financial system.

• The platform Access Network will not only build a bridge to meet the traditional system but it also wants to develop a borderless transaction and payment platform for the participants.

• The Access Network will enable the user to initiate financial access for them. The platform Access Network introduces a way to line up the interest of the community to solve their problems. The platform is designed and supported by the team who had a similar interest in the blockchain technology.

ACX Network’s Founding Principles of Empowerment:

1.Financial access is a fundamental human right.
2.That right shall be perpetually developed through a properly incentivized ecosystem.
3.Decisions on the ecosystem’s evolution shall be equally accessible to all citizens of the world.
4.The previously excluded shall be all the more empowered to define and shape said evolution.
5.Humanity is a global family that must come together to realize its boldest ambitions and co-create a world that belongs to and benefits us all.

With a commitment to democratizing financial and technological access, Access is able to create global solutions through the creators community in both developed and advanced countries.The ACX network will provide true economic freedom and accelerate financial inclusion for those who they need it more and will provide those previously unprofitable with a fair response to the evolution of their financial freedom,linking communities so that everyone can create and grow together.

Core Layers Of ACX Ecosystem

The platform Access Network will include 5ve layers of the core which consist of incentive pool, a decision module, ACX utility token, governance protocol, off-chain services etc.


Atlas is a P2P banking platform in West Africa with over 300 agents and 17,000 users.
Atlas was founded with the vision of open and shared economies, and believes in a world in which everyone may co-own everything and co-create anything. Atlas believes that Together, we can achieve true financial and wealth inclusion.

Atlas Money leverages its mobile banking platform and boundless properties, which can be programmed for cryptocurrency tokens to launch ACX Network, an appropriate token economy that provides incentives to participants in the development and development of worlds to create value one for the other. In this way,aim to enable emerging markets to develop advanced economies while avoiding centralized centralization and a system.



ACX is an ERC-20 token that will be used to participate in on-chain decision processes as well as the auxiliary
services rendered in various off-chain contexts. There is an initial supply of 6 billion ACX, 1.62 billion of which are locked into the ACX Incentive Pool.

6,000,000,000 ACX, to represent the 6 Billion people without adequate financial access, will be created, and
distributed over time to various participants. Achieving the most widespread distribution is critical to the fulfilment of the very purpose of the Network as Access sees equitable communal composition as crucial to
its success.

Token Distribution


• 27% Token Generation Event: 1,620,000,000 ACX will be made available in consideration of contributions from initial participants to stimulate the initial circulation of ACX.

• 27% Access Underserved Exchange: 1,620,000,000 ACX will remain locked up and will newly enter into circulation on an as needed basis

• 27% Incentive Pool: To ensure alignment of interests across the ACX Network, 1,620,000,000 ACX will be created and locked into an incentive pool that is released upon the directions of the Network via its decision-making modules

• 12% Founders: Built by the team behind Atlas Money, the Access team will have access to 720,000,000 ACX over time, for all of their research and development efforts and years, spent creating a successful operation model for connecting West Africans to the ACX Network

• 4% Advisors: 240,000,000 ACX will be awarded to current and future advisors and partners who are aligned with the vision of the ACX Network




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