Daxbase is revolutionizing financial system by creating All-in one digital bank, where one can trade financial instruments without any restrictions based on their asset class or volume. A digital token is used to list financial instruments securely, while all of the transactions are logged in a univer­sally accessible dis-tributed ledger, which is a decentralized notary service, providing global and immediate consensus about completed transactions and asset ownership.

Ownership of digital coins is protected by private keys as the ledger has a wallet. Both intraday interest rate market and yield curve will be available as well. Digital coins of different markets can be bought or sold at any time and the same applies to changes of counterparty risk.

Daxbase has set a target to solve all of the present system’s issues by be­coming a global marketplace, which will be the core of a new and advanced banking architecture. Initially a fnancial broker, but the Daxbase project is planned to grow into an All- in one digital bank, where investing will be done seamlessly and securely.

The two key components ofthe Daxbase ecosystem are the Daxbase foundation and Multikey wallet.
Daxbase foundation will be supporting the Daxbase broker, providing a range of fnancial and investment services to its clients as well as an early access to Mul-tiKey wallet.

Benefit of DAXBASE :

• Fully decentralized and covered by smart contracts.
• Integrated to the global financial ecosystem
• Secure and with a high level of privacy

The key benefits of using a MultiKey wallet :

• Depositing doesn’t mean giving full control over your funds
• This security feature works from both sides
• Only identified clients can trade due to implementation of the Know Your Client process.
• The broker provides an option of an offchain refund transaction to guarantee retrieval of funds from a MultiKey wallet.


One key element is a trader – be it in form of a self trader, money manager or in-vestor who wishes to trade a currency of his choice for another asset. A registra-tion with the broker is required due to legal issues and then traders can start to trade by sending orders to liquidity providers of their choice. A smart Ethereum contract that links trader’s account with the broker is used to hold the traded as-sets. Communication is mostly done directly between the trader and the broker, but blockchain should be monitored closely to verity that trades have been settled correctly

Liquidity providers are the ones who process orders (bid, ask, limit, etc) sent to them by traders, gathering them in an order book and settling the ones that match on blockchain. There are no limits as to what asset pairs can be traded, but market forces usually draw out certain favorites, just like US Dollar in the classic foreign exchange. New and competing exchanges can emerge as well.


The Daxbase Foundation is issuing Daxbase Tokens (DXBT), using the smart contract system operated by Ethereum (refer to Annex 1) to raise funds, which will be used to establish global Internet Exchange and Digital bank and to re- search technology. Daxbase Foundation will retain all funds from sales of to- kens up to the point where they are used.

As a legal entity, Daxbase Foundation has legal rights and obligations and it is subject to audits, thus providing transparency of operations and safe custody of funds.


• Token name: DXBX

A Daxbase Token represents the right to receive and access Daxbase ecosystem and receive various fnancial and investment services, discounts and bonuses.

Distribution of the Tokens will be proportional according to amount of funds provided to the Daxbase Foundation during the Initial Coin Offering.

• Token supply: Total Supply is 5,000,000 DXBT tokens. Unsold amount will be revoked upon ICO ends.

• Initial Rate: Price per token is locked on ten USD per one token.

• Token Sale Date : Dec 4, 2017 - Mar 11, 2018


The token is built on the ERC20 platform. The more reasons you should invest in this ICO is that the system is fully decentralized and covered by smart contracts, integrated to the global financial ecosystem and it is secured with a high level of privacy.

The initial coin offering started on the 4th of December, 2017 and will end on the 11th of March, 2018. The currencies that are been accepted are ETH and BTC.

There are bonus packages depending on the date of registration. The earlier you register, the higher the bonus. After the ICO, a customer can decide to sell the tokens on the market and benefit from the growth in value of tokens. Some of the upcoming programs of this platform are the integration of global exchange with broker in April, 2018 and the development of digital bank broker, exchange and instant payments in 2019.

WebSite : https://daxbase.io/
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2621606
Whitepaper : https://daxbase.io/assets/docs/prospectus.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/daxbaseio

Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1680409

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