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The Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Therefore, many reports published have predicted a huge rise in the Blockchain market. According to reports, the Blockchain market is expected to extend to over 20 billion dollars by 2024. It is counted in one of the most promising new technologies that are hoped to change the future of businesses and the internet.
Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations. One such firm at the forefront of blockchain innovation is KRYPTOIN

You may be contemplating on the crypto coin that will be best for your investment. You might have even found yourself investing in one of these Cryptos but you did not gain your profit as you expected because, some developers, after hitting their target and making a huge sum of money, dropped the project, and left investors in the middle of no where. All hopes are not gone. Lets start a new page in you new or next journey to investment for profitable earnings. I will be introducing you to Kryptoin ETF System, a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be exchange-traded with a basket of cryptocurrencies that represents any index or sector


Kryptoin is a blockchain project which is aiming to develop an ETF System platform which will enable creation of digital token. This digital token will hold the value of combination of cryptocurrencies which belong to the same set of blockchain nodes. Blockchain integration will solve the security issue and transactions demand which are faced in the conventional ETF system. Kryptoin ETF tokens will be used in this ecosystem and the users can trade or exchange the underlying assets at Kryptoin trading desk. Kryptoin strives to push the evolution of the ETF by incorporating decentralized systems and Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETFs of the new economy. The Kryptoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain ETF System is a platform upon which ETF tokens can be created to track and encapsulate indices formulated to represent the evolving digital currency markets. KRYPTOIN is building the crypto ETF based on the blockchain technology. The platform provides an easy experience for the cryptocurrency investors. The cryptocurrency token created on the platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain. A mega wallet application is created on the platform in which users can register. There are various levels on it which can be cleared according to the different requirement. The first ETF index of the ten largest cryptocurrencies is already running on the platform. The other kind of index on the platform include KRYPTOIN ICO 100 and KRYPTOIN anonymous 10.

Kryptoin provides the ability to generate each unit of cryptocurrency in accordance with its parameters, use Megawallet application to manage user's cryptocurrency. Kryptoin user interface and website will have all the security features and scalability of a high-quality web application.


The ecosystem will be capable of assembling a creation unit and composing an index to be better than the conventional ETF ecosystem. Kryptoin ecosystem will consist of Megawallet application which will create wallet address for users, connect to all the blockchain nodes, allow users to deposit or withdraw digital currencies and perform many other functions. The platform will also consist of a trading desk which will integrate Bittrex and Bitfinex exchanges. The trading desk will enable the users simultaneously to buy/sell across exchanges. The Megawallet will be connected to 10 blockchains which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Monero, XRP and USDT. The unique development of Kryptoin is the patented "Megawallet" application, which allows simultaneous connection of the leading blockchain-based platforms to one network node, namely Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Litecoin, NEO, USDT, XRP. Megawallet functions allow conducting all transactions between users and write them to a single database. Work in Megawallet is possible on one of five levels, endowed with different capabilities. There are different roles and responsibilities based on user’s level which will differentiate the Megawallet access among different levels:

Level 1

The users of first level will be able to only deposit/withdraw ETF tokens and cryptocurrencies from their wallets. They can also buy or sell ETF tokens on the platform.

Level 2

The level 2 users will be able to redeem the ETF tokens and exchange these tokens at greater or lesser amounts.

Level 3

Here the user will be able to use the services of trading desk. The users can also carry out their transactions in BTC, ETH and USD(T).

Level 4

The level 4 users will act as ETF token issuers to the level 3 users. This level will also consist of Asset Under Management (AUM) which will give added security to the users for their tokens.

Level 5

The level 5 users are also known as administrators who are responsible for monitoring the health of the platform and the blockchain nodes. The administrators will examine the transactions taking place on the platform.


ETF’s require a specialized hedging mechanism. This mechanism sets it apart from closed end funds and standard tokens because it allows the coin to trade with a true NAV even though it is may not be listed on the exchange in the beginning stages. Unlike closed end funds, large block trades can be executed in an ETF regardless of trading volume on the exchange with no impact on the price. When a large customer buys or sells a block or large quantity of a closed end coin on the exchange it wil affect the price of all the other coins.

An ETF unique infrastructure fundamentally different and the Kryptoin platfrom was built to provide the highest liquidity for trading and hedging of all positions of the coin on or off the exchange. A specialized trading platform that is required by ETFs. Trading desks make markets, provide liquidity and are able capitalize on exchange arbitrage once Kryptoin is listed on the exchanges.

The ETF trading system is totally different from Closed-End Fund (CEF) system. They are offering Kryptoin Blockchain 10 under the index forum where they will track the index consisting of the top 10 largest capitalized and liquid cryptocurrencies.

ETFs can track every performance of an underlying index, commodity or basket of assets. This is very helpful to the users who want to or need an exposure to certain markets and do not want to purchase the individual assets. From this, users can avoid large dealing costs and save their time. From Kryptoin ETFs, users can simply purchase a single token which will track the fortunes of all the coins in the index.


Probably the most imperative highlights of this organization its list printer, a creation unit typesetter and the capacity to make and furthermore to have the capacity to recover capacities.

The record printer is utilized to make file subsidizes that work like uninvolved speculations for the clients and enable the client to have the capacity to cut the market in the manner in which that it needs to get the offers of the market that end up being additionally fascinating for the client.

The creation unit typesetter, which Kryptoin alludes as the “mystery sauce” behind every one of the ETFs, can make units that can be collected by the financial specialist and cited through the framework at whatever point you have to trade it.

The Kryptoin tokens are 100% upheld by the genuine monetary standards on the container that is made by utilizing these devices that we have quite recently outlined for you. The tokens are likewise totally straightforward and are liable to occasional expert reviews made by outsider organizations. The thought is that the ETF framework needs to dependably coordinate the stores.

The organization additionally expresses that Kryptoin is totally secure and that the tokens will have a high liquidity so you will dependably have the capacity to exchange them without depending on the volume of exchanges in a specific day.

At last, the organization still has an API that can be utilized for outsider organizations that are keen on ETFs and need to be a piece of the task.


Token KRP

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 KRP = 0.10 ETH

Price in ICO 1 KRP = 0.12 ETH

Soft cap 28,557 ETH

Hard cap 114,311 ETH

Pre-Sale Token Auction: September 1, 2018



Donnie Kim - CEO

Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of executing the necessities for growing businesses. Skilled in marketing, strategic planning, platform development and creating profitable ecosystems. Strong business development professional currently focused in fintech specifically blockchain ETFs and the future of cryptocurrency.

Tariq Ali Asghar – CIO

Tariq Ali Asghar is a seasoned Canadian Technology Entrepreneur with over two decades of outstanding experience in the Financial and Technology (Fintech) Industry in USA, Canada & Internationally. Tariq has championed digital innovation successfully for driving robust growth strategy in number of organizations, right from Fortune 500 Companies to disruptive start-ups to United Nations.

Eojin Lim - Managing Director

He was the Director of Acquisitions at 888 Auctions Inc where he was responsible for the acquisition of property and on-the-spot preliminary fair market valuations. He also developed Business Process Management and implemented business and cataloguing system workflow processes


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