Naviaddress is a blockchain based decentralized software whose main aim is to develop a global universally accepted digital address solution. Naviaddress uses a community of geographical experts to assign a Naviaddress to the locations around the globe. Naviaddress uses its own patented method to assign an address to different locations. It also has its own incentive program based on the NaviToken (NVT) which are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are used to pay for services within the platform. The main advantage of having NVT is the right to a Naviaddress and the right to modify the meta-data such as images and other details related to such addresses.

The platform can assign digital addresses to any location with precise geoco-ordination. This digital verified, trust less location ID platform for to help with goods delivery and locating destination locations should help bring digital addresses to 4 billion people living without a proper address in the world today.


Our vision is to create a modern and easy-to-use international addressing system, which will give rise to a plethora of addresses:
• International addresses;
• Unified addresses, easy to reference;
• Flexible addresses;
• And, more importantly, addresses that are easy to obtain (accessible even to those individuals who would be living on
an unnamed street or an unnumbered building)
Our primary focus is to engage regular people and companies from all over the world in the creation/assignment, modificationand exchange of addresses in our system for their own benefit and to address all of their location-related needs.


There are basically three different types of Naviaddresses. They are:

  1. Custom Naviaddress: These addresses are created by platform users to indicate a random place on the planet such as a tree, a parking lot and more.

  2. Postal Naviaddress: These are prebuilt addresses referring to specific locations using existing postal address.

  3. Global Naviaddresses: These addresses are assigned to mobile objects. They are assigned to office location which might change after a few years.

Main Actors and Technology:
The people who interact within the platform are known as the main actors. They are:

• Platform: The whole Naviaddress platform is developed and maintained by the platform operator.

• Developer: People who help assigning Naviaddress to locations, cartographers and the people who develop various products and services related to Naviaddress are called developers. They are rewarded in NVTs for their work.

• Customer: They have the right to acquire rights to a Naviaddress. Every member on the platform is eligible to exchange naviaddress for NVTs.

• User: The people who use naviaddress applications and services are the users.

The platform uses Ethereum based smart contracts to reward the developers based on their work. The users have to pay NVT to gain ownership of a Naviaddress.

In case the user wants to sell his NaviAddress, this is done in the form of an auction. The winner of the auction needs to pay the specified NVT in order to get ownership to a naviaddress. This whole process uses the smart contract thereby eliminating any middle man charges.


  • Ethereum Blockchain ID ownership management SW solution BigchainDB,
  • IPFS distributed,
  • Reliable and cheap metadata storage
  • Open sourced oriented SDK and API providing access to the platform
  • Mobile and web blockchain enabled applications


  1. Each and every Naviaddress is a set of digits which are universally understood. Hence there is no problem of not knowing a particular language.

  2. Naviaddress can be used for all places and objects on the Earth. This means that even the remote villages can now have official addresses.

  3. Gone will be the days where you had to change your business card every time the location of your office changes. Using global naviaddress you can just change the location associated to a particular naviaddress.

  4. Anyone can add a location to the system.

  5. You can not only add nick names to your geo-code but can also associate additional information such as images, messages and useful hints. This is possible due to the meta-date feature.

  6. The transactions made on the platform are governed by the blockchain technology, making it very safe, secure and trustworthy.

There are endless possibilities for using naviaddress. It can be used as a delivery address, as a pickup location for taxi and since every object can have a NaviAddress, you can even make a phone call to NaviAddress.


Total Tokens Issued: 1 BN
Total Amount for Sale: 400 MM
Type: ERC20
Sales total: $20MM
Token Price: ICO: $0.05 per NAVI

Token Distribution

Use of Funds
navi 3 use.PNG


team 2.PNG
team 3.PNG



Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1680409

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