The rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations. One such firm at the forefront of blockchain innovation is NETWORKUNITS

NetworkUnits The unit is the way to design a network multiplayer game and give developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality. We will be using Ethereal and functionality blockchain contract to create a platform that allows the owner of the hardware (the service provider) allot of Bandwidth and CPU resources unused by developers traditionally asks their own servers multiplayer functionality to drive them and get a token to do so Gamers can get a token from the platform by connecting their wallets to their gaming account to be active clients. Therefore the Network Unit has a unique mining process with two very different way but interesting to get the token.


• Computing resources wasted The majority of personal computers and servers for rent computing power and bandwidth not utilized to its full potential. Server plans are not appropriate, require you to subscribe to plan higher than necessary, or the average computer owner who mastered the use it for browsing the web, writing documents and an occasional game of candy candy are examples of this.

• The Multiplayer function can be a pain and expensive to be integrated

Write code in your own network can be complicated and time consuming. Manage your own server can both complicated and expensive as well. As a game developer we understand that the more time you have to work on the creative aspect of the game is getting better.

• Imagine a gamer could be so complicated

Without proper incentivization gamer can quickly get bored with the game potentially great. Multiplayer integration will help but the level of incentivization others especially regarding acquisition of income could take even further. Unfortunately it can be very expensive because of features that developers should be

• This is not a fair fight

Gamers expect a fair match and it’s a great challenge. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get it. Cheating or broken bearded mechanics undermine the whole gaming community. Gamers become terdemotivasi, stop shopping content and the full economic potential of the game that are not answered.

• Big games require large infrastructure

The limited infrastructure on the launch of the game could turn into a game of failure. Network latency or down-time killing game play experience and optimize resource efficiency make game development is increasingly expensive. The loss of turnover and subsequent reputation damage is significant. DDOS attacks Xmas 2014 at Sony is a very well known example of this.


• Change trash into treasure:
There are lots of processing power and bandwidth is unused Network out there, the Unit intends to use it to become a terdeplisisasi infrastructure is controlled by the block used for game multiplayer are cost effective and can be dependable.

• The Multiplayer function can be easier and cheaper to be integrated:
With our easy-to-integrate developer Unity Asset can be freed of having to write complicated network code and moving it infrastructure. It will be available at Unity Asset Store which is a third party market which is very popular for the Unity Engine. This allows faster time to market and save on development costs. In addition, because the Unit Networks rely on processing power and bandwidth that should not be wasted, we can ensure cost-effective solutions that are cheaper than a cloud service or special hosting provider.

• Gamers can mine the tokens by playing:
Network Unit is unique in the sense that the verification process of giving awards to gamers who connect their wallets to their gaming account with tokens because they help verify service providers. This not only helps to increase the number of active users but may encourage new players to the game You are looking for new ways to get the token and have loads of fun in the process.

• A reputation system:
The framework of the Network Unit will have a cross platform reputation system built-in. This way when you become a collaborative player in one match, the chances are you will be matched with players in all collaborative game that you play in infrastructure of NU. Reputation system can be used to support community (guild/clan/Alliance) who are looking for a certain player’s style or reputation/score at least. Our anti fraud mechanism will be built right into the framework of the NU and will work side by side with a reputation system to prevent cheating in order to comply with the majority of players are fair.

• The network devolved units:
Because of platforms NU decentralized, we can offer a solution that is supported by the more pliable the automatic failover in case of malpractice or intentional malpractice. This ensures players move seamlessly to the new provider so that the game they can continue without interruption.

Technical FEATURES

1.Masternodes/Service Providers

Masternodes will be required to provide a stake and run the host application. This host application will serve requests based on our multiplayer framework. Masternodes can act as relays for other masternode hosts and take over as the new host in the event of a failure. Masternodes will also be responsible for verifying peers. Clients (Gamers with connected wallets) will also verify that they are in fact providing their resources.

2.Gamers/Active Clients

Active clients are gamers that connect their wallets to their game that utilizes the NU multiplayer framework. This allows them to participate in our verification process that runs in the background. Not only does this help make the infrastructure stronger and more reliable but Active clients can earn tokens for participating in this process.

3.Orchestration Protocol

• Developer Criteria

Developers will be able to select the criteria they require vs the pricing they are willing to pay in order to use the NU infrastructure. Minimal latency may be requested so service providers with backbone internet connections may be required for a more premium service. Or maybe cost effectiveness is more important for a game where a slight latency can be forgiven. Perhaps the game is more CPU bound vs Memory bound or vice versa. Regardless of the requirements, developers will have plenty of options and a variety of ways to set up their criteria. Lastly, it can also be setup with conditions where requirements can potentially change depending on situation, this makes the NU framework very flexible, adaptable and even more cost effective than other centralized solutions.

• Level of Service Provided

There will be different types of services provided depending on whether a service provider has backbone internet access, strong CPU, high memory and large bandwidth allowances. Not only 16 will service providers be able to choose the portion of resources they want to share but they can also set utilization limits.

• Matchmaker

When players are matched and a game is to begin an auction process is held which determines the best bid for the level of service required by the developer. The developers have specified their criteria in terms of the level of service vs pricing they require and the service providers have specified what they are willing to bid for the level of resources they can provide. The best bid is determined and the game begins immediately. The service will keep running until no players remain. At this point if players are to join again a new auction process will be held and the best bid at this time will be selected as the service provider for this new session.

• MMORPG Style or Gameworlds

The auction process is similar to the matchmaker process detailed above, the only difference is that the service will run until it fails over or the service is stopped for any reason. This is because sessions are required to persist for this style of play. Additionally, if the current active user base grows past the level of service that can be provided, and the developer has specified the required level of automatic scaling in their criteria, a new auction process is held to determine a more suitable provider. Players are then seamlessly moved to a new provider so their gaming can continue without disruption.

• Automatic Failover

During the auction process a backup node is also decided on, during the course of the game, the auction process will be held again if the backup node is no longer available. This will help facilitate the automatic failover process by ensuring there is a service provider ready to take over in the event of a catastrophe.

• Esports Hosting

Developers will have the option of allowing custom multiplayer server hosting. This will allow anyone to host their own custom esports tournament on the resilient Network Units Infrastructure.



Presale begins: 8 November 2017 1:00 am UTC

Presale ends: December 23, 2017 1:00 am UTC

Cap Cap Presale: 10,000 ETH

Minimum Presale Cap: 500 ETH

Token prices: 1 ETH = 500 NU

The Minimum transaction amount: 0.01 ETH

Distribution: Smart Contract is used to generate the token directly after receiving the ETH. Basic level Token is transferred to purse an instant contributor. Presale Bonus Quantity pricing will be released gradually after a Crowdsale. Transfer locked until Crowdsale ends

Multiplier Bonus Quantity Presale

0 – 50 ETH = 35%

50 – 250 ETH = 40%

250 or greater = contact Us

The token is not subject of the contract we generate Smart token NU because you received contributions from ETH so there will be no amount or the amount of the remaining unsold


● Registration Company Badr Bad
● Release Smash Wood 3D on iOS and Android

● Release of El Mirador on iOS and Android with Cardboard support VR
● Expansion of the Research and development of Holographic & VR for applications, games and entertainment
● Experimentation netcore viability for the functionality of the multiplayer servers

Q1 2017
● Research Solutions Hosted Multiplayer Framework currently
● Code optimization research for dark VR Experience & Holo

Q2 2017
● UDP library and experiment of RUDP
● Development Of Mocap Zombie
● Implementation of spatial Mapping for HoloZombies

Q3 2017
● Bled of State Political Fighting Game Release to iOS and Android.
● Application Service Provider Network Unit Proof Of Concept Development

Q1 2018
● Development of Smart Contracts for Initial verification of Reputation
● Network Unit Framework Demo Release Proof Of Concept
● Get more Programmers as the contractor and/or staff

Q2 2018
● UDP and Library Conversion to RUDP. netcore.
● Viability study of the integration of TCP.
● Development of Smart Contracts for Initial verification of active clients

Q3 2018
● Development of Contract Smart Start for Masternode Staking
● The initial launch of the application service provider

Q4 2018
● Release the Unit function with Unity Asset Network early Real Time Action Networking.

Q1 2019
● Research and database storage durability Blockchain
● Release the flagship Title 1

Q2 2019
● Control the integration Protocol TCP or RUDP and reliable

Q3 2019
●The title of the release Flag 2

Q4 2019
● Release the next phase Unity Asset Network Unit with function of TCP and or RUDP.

Q1 2020
● Release the title Uplink 3






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