Email has become the leading communication method via Internet on a global level. While the modern e-mail systems are very efficient in sending and receiving e-mails between users, the issues of security as well as the personal data protection of the e-mail users are not always guaranteed, since the popular e-mail providers store the messages on servers which means that they can be accessed by third parties, such as administrators, algorithms as well as security service and hackers. The same goes for the e-mail providers who store the e-mails in the cloud. Yes, there are encryption algorithms to protect the message contents, but still they can be compromised and many times require the installation of additional software which can be cumbersome.

Blockchain is a perfect solution for creating a safe public key depositary.
Since the e-mail market is expected to reach $43 billion by 2021 it comes to no surprise that crypto anarchism is becoming a serious threat to the billions of e-mail users around the world.



The idea behind the project is to provide a decentralized storage system to keep your e-mail data safe, and to provide an API for checking the user identity of the individuals in a single depositary for all public keys based on Ethereum blockchain.

Competitive advantages of the project

• Maximum encryption strength
• Contact & signatures verification
• Maximum efficiency
• Without trace
• Native encryption
• Protection against XSS attacks
• Open-source code
• Protection of user data
• Optimized functioning with files
• Fast navigation
• Incredible message size
• Secure feedback

The projects includes the development and rolling out a desktop version, then an iOS app, followed by an Android app, security testing, creating a decentralized user key data storage, launch of an API for developers, adding more administrative tools for corporative mail use, a decentralized metadata storage as well as offering complete decentralization and autonomy of the service components.

The minimum subscription price for the service is $1 per month half of which will be retained by the owners of the service and the other converted into SAFE tokens.

The new e-mail service will guarantee that your messages and attached files reach their recipient without being accessed or distorted on the way.
Also, the e-mails will be stored on encrypted servers which will protect the messages and content from being scanned by third parties including state security services.

Also, it will ensure that the e-mails you receive are actually sent by users who are who they say they are and that they are authentic.

The next generation blockchain e-mail system will be compatible with existing mail protocols and have decentralized data storage and management systems as well as a reliable public key identification system. Best of all, the messages will have no size limit set and no additional software will be necessary for the use of the safe and secure e-mail app. Other protected apps and services such as messenger apps will be developed based on this system in the near future.



The SAFE token system is introduced for payment for the Safe service which will ensure that all your correspondence and the contents of your inbox and sent box remain safe from prying eyes and from unauthorized access by advertisers and malicious attackers. The SAFE tokens will also be released on stock exchanges to allow for their conversion.

Half of the SAFE tokens will be available for sale and the other half will remain owned by the SAFE Company. As the number of users grows, the SAFE tokens available in circulation will go down which will increase their exchange rate. Their exchange rate will depend on the number of users and the overall appeal of the safe e-mail service.


Token distribution

ICO Details

Public ICO Start: Feb 1st
Public ICO End: June 30th
The total number of tokens: 40,000,000 SAFE token
Tokens available on sale (Pre-Sale + Public ICO): 19,400,000 token
Price of 1 SAFE: $1
Accepted payments: ETH
Token Limit: 40,000,000
Hard Cap: $20 million
Soft Cap: $3 million

The open sale of SAFE tokens will be held in 2 stages:
PreSale (to be whitelisted): 30% discount in February; 25% discount in March;
Public Sale: 20% discount in April; 15% discount in May; 10% discount before June 15th
Token Distribution Date: Name tokens will be simultaneously distributed to ETH wallets provided on registration within 4 weeks of the end of the token sale.



For more information about SAFE.AD Project kindly visit the links below;


Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1680409

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