ShareRing ICO Review


ShareRing is a platform created to ‘borrow, rent or share’ anything globally without any hassle or exchange fees.
ShareRing is planning to create a token-based global platform to exchange anything — from services to things — and pay for that with the ShareRing tokens.

ShareRing offers a single app that gives the user access to any available asset they want to rent, borrow, or share, and pay and receive compensation for all within one central location.
ShareRing aims to merge all the existing sharing platforms like Uber and AirBnB into a single platform

ShareRing builds on top of their own blockchain also known as ShareLedger, with smart contracts, a custom (global) payment mechanism and a distributed API would allow ShareRing to build a scalable blockchain platform that providers could plug into. This effectively enables ShareRing to help customise any sharing economy provider to effectively run their logins, KYC, payments, security, asset management, and (in future) insurance through a single, trusted, blockchain.


• Quick and easy ‘sharing’ transaction validation.
• Immutable records of data.
• Additional attributes may be added to an account, such as ID confirmation, rental history, asset ownership, etc.
• SharePay (SHRP) is used by customers to pay for the rental of assets. ShareToken (SHR) is used by providers to pay for their access to the ShareLedger blockchain, including the addition of assets, renting out of assets, adding attributes, adding smart contracts, and other features.
• A provider can earn SharePay by renting out their asset (ie. car), and then use those tokens for example to rent an apartment, thanks to the multi-industry application.
• Earn additional tokens by hosting a node.
Custom ‘rules’ may be added to assets or wallets to allow for various ‘sharing’ scenarios.

Token Details


ShareRing plans to issue 4 billion tokens with a USD hard cap of $48,000,000.

Pre-TSE — 1 SHR = $0.01 ($25,000,000 @ 50% discount) 2,500,000,000 SHR tokens
Main TSE — 1 SHR = $0.02 ($20,000,000 @ no discount) — 1,000,000,000 SHR tokens


The total supply of the SHR tokens is 4 billion, 60% will be sold (2.5 billion are for pre-sale, 1 billion is for sale), 24% — platform and team, 10% — advisors, 5% — bounty program, 1% — airdrop.
The cryptocurrency wallets of the ShareRing funds will be published on the ShareRing website, and therefore will be auditable for everyone. All major expenditures will also be publicly explained.

Icobench score :4.3 -

The timeline on the site indicates that March — May will be generally reserved for selling and issuing tokens.


Tim Bos - Co-founder & CEO : Tim is an experienced blockchain engineer and entrepreneur who has founded several sharing services, including global car-sharing platform Keaz, which has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the USA
Rohan LePage - COO : A highly competent business manager, Rohan’s experience in online analytics spans many years. He is highly sought after in this sphere with a renowned reputation which speaks for itself.
Neville Christie : As the grey-haired member of ShareRing team, and our Investment Director, Neville Christie’s career has covered a very wide range of industries and roles.
Peter David : Peter has a lifetime of experience in every aspect of growing global technology businesses. As CEO, COO or general manager, he has led several startups to generate total revenue of more than $300 million. In 2013 he founded Keaz with Tim Bos and currently serves as the company’s CEO.
Development Team : The team currently consists of 5 experienced, full-time blockchain developers, a project manager and a graphic designer. They were also heavily involved in the initial development of the KeazACCESS platform API, so their experience within the sharing economy and blockchain industry is unparalleled. The team will be expanded to 15 full-time developers over the coming months.

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