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The Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology that is engulfing every possible business domain. Therefore, many reports published have predicted a huge rise in the Blockchain market. According to reports, the Blockchain market is expected to extend to over 20 billion dollars by 2024. It is counted in one of the most promising new technologies that are hoped to change the future of businesses and the internet.

Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations. One such firm at the forefront of blockchain innovation is SOBIT

You may be contemplating on the crypto coin that will be best for your investment. You might have even found yourself investing in one of these Cryptos but you did not gain your profit as you expected because, some developers, after hitting their target and making a huge sum of money, dropped the project, and left investors in the middle of no where. All hopes are not gone. Lets start a new page in you new or next journey to investment for profitable earnings. I will be introducing you to SOBIT a blockchain based project which is aiming to develop a digital asset trading platform. This trading platform is user centric which ensures that the user will create a value and will all reap all the benefits of this decentralized platform.


Sobit is the first user-owned digital assets exchange. Nowadays, traditional centralized exchanges hold a lot of wealth. When these wealth are gathered in the hands of a small number of private owners, they may secretly manipulate the market for more benefits, damaging the interests of other users and even the industry.

In order to build a more free and transparent platform, we redefine traditional equity as quasi-equity on Sobit platform. As long as you hold an amount of SBT, you can enjoy all the rights of the quasi-equity. Besides, we are developing a user autonomous community where all shareholders can join and easily exercise their rights. There are three basic rights on Sobit platform: dividends, the right to vote and the right to know.

The main goal of the Sobit project is the creation of a digital exchange that belongs to users, functioning on which people receive preferences. For example, dividends. The operating platform has a certain profit — intraday income minus the cost per day. If the user has 1% of the offer of tokens, then he is entitled to 1% of dividends.

Sobit platform specializes in digital trading and cryptocurrency mining. All processes within the project are fully automated thanks to artificial intelligence. The work of Sobit is based on blockchain technology, which reliably protects the users’ information and money. Moreover, the undoubted advantage of blockchain is the ability to integrate any technology into the project without additional settings. The project launches a news line, where users can track the internal news of the project, as well as learn about the changes in the world of cryptocurrency. The internal chat of the project will allow investors to communicate directly, and for traders - to negotiate additional conditions of transactions within short period of time.

Fast Transactions: Up to 2 milions times per secon ensured an elegant and comfortable trading experience

Highly Safe Platform: The process guarante 95% cold wallet processing of digital asset, multipe audit, offline signature and multipe key co-management to ensure to your funds are safe

Autonomical: User-centric and community centric

Simple To Use Trading Platform With Advance Charting Tools by Tradingview

An Easy To Use User Interface

The core system of Sobit will consist of the following features;

Shareholding Plus Community Autonomy:
The platform gives quasi-equity rights to the users who will hold a number of SBT tokens. Quasi Equity means where a debt has some traits of equity or in other words it is a non-legal equity. The quasi-equity rights include receiving dividends, voting rights, right to know etc.

If a user holds a certain amount of SBT which accounts for 1% value of total circulation then the user will get 1% dividend on the amount of profit made. For example, on a profit of 100 BTC the user will receive 1 BTC.

Rights and Obligations:
The users will get access to the quasi-equity rights depending upon the amount of SBT he/she holds. If the user holds SBT less than 1000 then he can not have access to any rights. If the hold tokens are more than 1,000 and less than 20,000 then the user will get dividend from the platform. The users who hold 20,000+ SBT will enjoy all the quasi-equity rights on the platform.

Community Autonomy:
The platform will develop a reward system where the users, team and developers will be rewarded for contributing on the platform and helping the platform develop.

Trans-Fee Mining:
Sobit exchange platform as adopted a different method of charging transactional fees which is trans-fee mining. In this method the user when pays the transaction fee, gets back the fee amount in the form of platform specific tokens. In Sobit, 80% of the transaction will be reimbursed to the users in the form of SBT. The amount of Trans-fee mining will be reduced based on the total amount of circulating supply.


With a high speed and highly scalable matching engine technology capable of processing up to 2million orders per seconds, SOBIT.ONE exchange will ensure an efficient and effective trading experience devoid of interuption in the event of large order executions , hence, attracting institutional high frequency traders.

Security has been one of the major challenges preventing the growth of crypto markets in recent years. No thanks to incessant attacks to cryptocurrency exchanges since the beginning of the year. These ugly incident have dampened the investment drive of market participants, consequently drying the liquidity pool in the sector. However, having identified the security loopholes in crypto exchanges, SOBIT has designed an optimum level security features including load balancing, Cloud-based DDos firewall, unusual activity alarm trigger, multiple exchange audits, offline wallets coins storage and robust encryption system to protect the both the trader’s funds and trading operations from authorized access.

While recognising the importance of community, SOBIT built a platform that gives every user the right to make an input in the day-to-day activities of the exchange. Giving participants opportunity to be major stakeholders will encourage them to make excellent decisions that will ensure the development of the exchange.


The creators of Sobit made a new ecosystem that works on the block, supported by the SBT tokens. Each user who owns a certain number of these coins has the right to receive dividends from the activities of the platform.

To date, 10 billion SBTs have been produced, they do not plan to release them additionally. Depending on the number of SBT coins that the user has available, his right is realized — to determine the future development of the platform. Creators are planning the emergence of a completely new ecosystem on the blockhouse, which is in full ownership of users.

SBT coins are a direct proof of all rights to the platform. Tokens, in general, will be produced in the following forms:

Mining transactions;
private placement of investors;
remuneration to the community.
On the platform, users will have the right to quasi-capital, in accordance with the offer of coins on the exchange. This concept includes the following advantages:

the right to receive information;
the right to vote and the like.
The notion of quasi-capital also includes opportunities to exercise the right to own returnable capital, without taking on legal obligations.

Token – SBT
Total Supply – 10 Billion SBT
Price – 0.00025 ETH
Soft Cap – $1M USD
Hard Cap – $5M USD

Distribution of tokens with ICO

Miners — 49%
Private sale — 5%
The team is 20%
Partners — 10%
Fund — 16%


49% of the fund is reserved for Trans-fee mining
20% is allocated for the Team and Advisors
Private Sale amounts to 5%
10% of the fund goes for promotion and partnership
16% is reserved for the community




Whitepaper: whitePaper_EN.pdf




Author: BrainerdPaul

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