Stoxum is the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange with aggregate pool of liquidity which combine speed of centralized solutions and the reliability of decentralized where the owner of exchange with the right to receive income is each holder of the official token STM.
Fundamentally the project presents the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms that will offer a quick technical solution for organizing its customers and an option to make their own cryptocurrency exchange or the introduction of software for working with cryptocurrency on their own sites.

All holders of the STM token are entitled to receive dividends of 100% of the income of the entire Stoxum ecosystem. During the ICO between investors will be distributed 100% of the emission (200 million tokens).


The ecosystem consists mainly highly efficient and secure hybrid crypto exchange and Whitelabel solutions, which are united by a single pool of orders to ensure the liquidity of all sites.

In Stoxum all Whitelabel projects will be located in the same ecosystem and have a single liquidity base, which will allow from the first day of operation to give users access to all active orders within the ecosystem. The success of even a single Whitelabel platform will increase the income of the entire ecosystem.
It basically entails Launching your brand in one click - the ability to launch a fully customizable brand of the exchange and legalize it to any market independently.

Key features

• You choose the pairs and coins traded
• Set your own fees on trades
• Option to connect your own currencies, for example, Fiat
• High percentage of allocations – from 60% to 80%
• Detailed reporting on all transactions at any time
• Ready-made launch client with the option to change the design using


The Stoxum ecosystem itself will consist not only of the main site but can also offer a quick and efficient White Label solution which at this stage has no analogues - a pooled liquidity pool for all sites within the ecosystem. With this model even a significant increase in one site will affect the entire ecosystem and increase the income of the holders of the token.


Stoxum developed a unique system, creating a single order pool for all participants of the ecosystem. All orders created on the original Stoxum platform will be reflected in White Label solutions and vice versa.

Stoxum, like any classical platform, will charge a commission for exchange operations of 0.2 %. White Label projects have the right to change this value at their own discretion within the permissible limits both in the large or in the small side.

Each user will have the opportunity to transfer funds to another person by creating coupons with a unique secret identifier. This is the most simple mechanism for the client which is carried out without any commission. This function will be useful for exchangers and in cooperation with any third-party services

For every registered user after recharging the system for a certain amount, a common chat message will be available, as well as a system of “karma” which will allow users to participate in content moderation.

Although the platform fully encrypts all data on its side, so we strongly recommend you to protect yourself from hacking and user-side by connecting two-factor authentication through popular applications.

The company’s policy states that the platform is not able to help in case of a hack, unless the user has established additional methods for protecting the account.

Each registered user gets access to the office where all financial operations are personalized, also there is the ability to change the password, specify or change individual information about the user.

Each user will receive prompt help on any technical problems or issues related to the interface.


For comfortable use of the product, the trader needs to observe several important qualities of the product: ease of use, ease of interface, speed, lack of technical problems and operational support.

Each trader will have access:
Clear and accessible interface, Registration, Internal currency purses, Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency, Creating orders and exchange operations, Internal transfers between users, Chat and moderation, Two-factor authentication, Personal cabinet and the history of operations, and Online support service.


The basis of Stoxum ecosystem is the STM cryptographic token which is the fork of Ripple that has established itself as a fast and reliable block system.
The Stoxum project attracts funds by crowdfunding, releasing its own STM token, which is the fork of Ripple.

Symbol: STM
Amount: 200 000 000
The cost of one token: 0.00002 BTC
Softcap: $2,000,000

Token Distribution Distribution

10% - Advisors & Bug bounty program
40% - Technical support and implementation
50% - Marketing

The purpose of ICO
To attract $10,000,000 with the help of crowdsale to:
• Worldwide marketing campaign
• Expansion of servers’ map around the world
• Creating a multilingual technical support department

Unsold tokens will be destroyed *



Each holder becomes the owner of a share in the project which allows him to receive a constant profit. However, this is not all the privileges that are available to such users:

Access to the full financial reporting of the project online

The ability to influence voting for adding new tokens to the site

The possibility of creating White Label solution, having on its account a sufficient security stock of tokens

The possibility to take part in the moderation of content and chat rooms on the portal

Further increase your income with a multi-level partner program

Receive bonuses and privileges, related to the amount of commission for trading and the withdrawal of currency.


Meet the TEAM behind this incredible project


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Author: BrainerdPaul
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