Monvid- streaming the future now !

Dear friends. I want to draw your attention to the Vidio platform of the new generation. This is Monvid. The decentralized Monvid platform uses this block-block to bypass all possible locks and prohibitions. The main idea of ​​the project is the general availability of media information from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

The main advantages of the Monvid platform.

  1. A new generation of media.
    The pure freedom of speech of every journalist who wants to share his information with the world. The platform can not be censored.

  2. The Monvid platform is built on the basis of protected blockchain blocks.

  3. Transfer the video to the proxy server.
    You can get hungry in your favorite monastery, wherever you are.

  4. Ability to exchange video using P2P technology.

  5. Content creators will have full access to their videos.

  6. The platform can be used for a small membership fee.

Monvid or using a VPN.
Let's look at the capabilities of the VPN and the Monvid platform. Nowadays, most of the unique video is limited to the territory. And often to circumvent such prohibitions on the use of terms, a VPN server is used. We all know that a simple free VPN has a bunch of limitations. We will need to choose the country in which this material is available, and then try to look at it "most likely at low speed." In addition, the VPN is extremely unstable and often leaves the network. And on the Monvid platform, we do not need to take much action and look. Excellent speed of high quality.


Blockchain is a technology that protects your personal data. All data about you and about your future video are stored in a decentralized and encrypted form. This opens up new horizons for the press.
Strumic sweat.

Monvid also solves all the problems of streamers. You no longer need to use a proxy server to bypass the restrictions that occur on a regular centralized platform. You can connect to the Monvid platform from anywhere in the world. At the same time, your data will be encrypted, and it will be safe.

Competitors video network Monvid.

YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Amazon Prime, Netflix - and many other projects. All of them are competitors of the Monvid platform. However, the Monvid platform offers more opportunities for its users.
What are these features? - you ask.
You can access any content of interest from anywhere in the world at a unique speed. Here you can find access to materials that are not subject to censorship, and there are no advertisements in them.

My thoughts about the Monvid project.

Dear friends. I'm impressed with this project. The Monvid team does something unique. More annoying ads. The more we do not need to look for ways to access information that interests us in secret ways. And the most monstrous monster opens up new horizons for freedom of speech.

Investments in Mon.

I consider the project of Monvida worthy of your attention. Team Monvid has every chance to become a leader in the video streaming industry.

Monvid uses the ERC20 marker, which is created in the Ethereum block chain. The company has produced 140 million MVID tokens for sale. Monvid organizes the preliminary sale of MVID tokens from April 15, 2013 to April 30, 2018. However, the company organizes the main sale from June 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018. Tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 token MVID = 0.00005 ETH ($ 0.10 USD). Monvid will accept Ether, Bitlock as a way to pay for the exchange of MVID tokens.

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