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What happens when you mix one part shipping, a dash of Ethereum Blockchain technology and sprinkle in industry specialist like: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters. You get a little known company called BitNautic! A decentralized company who aims to match demand and supply of shipping based goods for all the coin holders within the industry. It cannot be overstated that the shipping industry provides somewhere around ninety percent of the world’s trade value. Come to think of it, what would we do without worldwide shipping? Lucky for you and I, the good people at BitNautic are gearing up to provide a level of service unprecedented within the shipping industry, all in part to their revolutionary token system.

BTNT is an ERC-20 Token being utilized on a decentralized shipping and cargo network, which will also feature smart contracts for trading service goods between coin holders. One of the best features of the coin is The Ethereum Virtual Machine Smart Contract, they handle the regulation, distribution, transactions and rewards securely across the network. Having a unified coin amongst all the users will allow BitNautic to create an ecosystem that supersedes countries jurisdictions, having access to automatic contracts via smart contracts all while managing incentives! Some of those incentives include: professional use of BitNautic, airdrop access to the first thousand users, fees for cargo bookings, commissions, fees from ships plus a host of other features that makes The BTNT Token something very sought after.
Along with using such a revolutionary coin, artificial intelligence will be used to ensure maximum efficiency between: cargo, ships and naval assets. Unlike most white label based technologies, BitNautic uses customized artificial intelligence that reduces shipping costs to ship owners, better leads to shipping resources, cargo pooling (similar to ico pooling) and the sharing of shipping resources. Couple this with the ability to keep all of the information visible and easily accessible via blockchain technology, users will then have permission to access and export documents stored upon the BitNautic Ecosystem. Speaking of ecosystems, let’s look at some key benefits of utilizing The BitNautic Platform for your global shipping and carrier needs.

As more and more people are born into the world, we are in desperate need of more and more goods and products; most of the products arrive via ships. When those companies that own those ships need more cargo to haul, BitNautic will allow users the options of purchasing cargo contracts ranging from two weeks to six months out; ensuring one hundred percent reliability of your vessels cargo space. Maybe the problem is locating a solid provider, from a multitude of providers; in less than five minutes BitNautic will compare offers and purchase contracts. Even if you are new to the industry and have no idea how to prepare the bill of landing and other shipping documents, agents registered on BitNautic will help you with your documentation for a fixed price!
Finally we arrive to the carriers, where their problems may present themselves in the form of having a vessel that has one too many days of idle time. To combat this challenge, BitNautic lists and updates your ships location; to provide an optimal cargo partner for you. Sometimes, the problem isn’t cargo related; its customer driven; does BitNautic have a solution for that? They do, users will be able to conduct searches thorough freight quotation requests from shippers. Or a carrier may have the worst problem, their profit trend is in the negative and their broker is taking a ten percent profit margin; how will a carrier survive? Their survival would depend on their ability to see a golden opportunity by switching to BitNautic’s subscription model with low commission fees.
If you are interested in getting involved with BitNautic, they will start up their main ICO June first and it is planned to run until July thirtieth, or until they reach a hard cap of fifty thousand ethers. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

ICO detail

  • Category: ShippingCargoIndustry
  • Pricepertoken: $0.002ETH
  • Bonus: 20%%
  • Platform: EthereumERC20

Hype rate: High

Risk rate: Low

ROI rate: Good

CatalogICO interest: High

Team from: Switzerland

Fundraising goal: 50000 ETH USD

Total tokens 50.000.000


Author: Skorpo
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1387958

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