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   Gilgamesh is the project aimed to create a  blockchain platform that will link writers and readers directly,  benefiting both sides. The platform will work with use of blockchain,  Ethereum smart contracts and the GIL token, which will be the main part  of the platform ecosystem.  

Which problems Gilgamesh project is solving?

Internet space lack a convenient platform for interaction between  authors of books and their readers. Until now, the outdated and  impractical platforms are offered for the book community. The Gilgamesh project team identifies several serious shortcomings of the book platforms:  

  • Authors and readers can’t contact;
  • Readers can’t share impressions and thoughts among themselves;
  • Authors can’t receive reviews about their books in real time.

This platform will unite readers, critics, authors and sellers of  services related to literature sphere and will also help users in  becoming more educated and informed. This platform will be a source of  knowledge, organizing a reliable information medium, transforming  publishing activities and interaction of members with using the  blockchain technology. 

How to earn GIL?

Each user receives tokens in different sizes depending on the action.  Thus, tokens are paid for writing a review or any other type of book  overview, also for buying it, for inviting friends to the application  and etc. In addition, if other users of the platform are liking or  commenting on your reviews or other actions, the GIL tokens are also credited to the account.  

How to spend?

Naturally, GIL was created in order to spend it. But how exactly can  this be done? The platform provides many options. First, readers can buy  books they like with the help of tokens. All other options concern  authors. In order to create and sell the book, the author can pay tokens  for the services of the publishers: the editor, the copywriter, the  printer, the marketer, the distributor, etc. The publication of the book  in the application will also cost him a certain amount of GIL tokens.  

Project development

Gilgamesh will become the ecosystem of an affordable and open market  that has incentives for each of the participants to obtain commensurate  payment of their labor in GIL tokens through smart contracts. The first stage of the project will be aimed at forming an active  user community for sharing knowledge with the possibility of earning  money. Moreover this platform meets the needs of this field in a  platform that will allow readers quickly and easily exchange opinions  and criticisms.  The second stage will be aimed at creating a network that should  exclude the participation of intermediaries in publishing and give  authors the opportunity to receive greater financial support and remove  obstacles that prevent people from receiving and transmitting  information. With the advantages of the Etherium network, blockchain technology and the IPFS protocol, the publishing tools available on the Gilgamesh platform  will eliminate the need of authors to ask for help of traditional  mediators. It will give society a higher level of interaction between  authors and reading fans through direct communication. 

Major Release Overview

V1. Release Plato  Plato is the earliest version of the IOS application that will be released to the public.  The first-ever censorship-free, knowledge-based social network app that  connects readers, critics, and authors in a cohesive experience and  rewards participants GIL tokens — powered by Ethereum smart contracts. 

V2. Release Shakespeare  Shakespeare will expand the Gilgamesh IOS application with new features  including book collections, messaging, user-generated book summaries,  extract quotes feature, in-app book purchases, and synopsis or excerpt  previews. Users will also be able to post quotes, pictures, and videos  on their timelines. 

V3. Release Homer  Homer will integrate the self-publishing platform with the Gilgamesh  application. Users can connect with service providers to publish,  market, and distribute books, essentially removing the middleman.  A self-publishing marketplace removes the middleman (publishers) from  the publishing process, creating a censorship-free platform and  community for authors and service providers.    







Author: Skorpo 

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1387958  

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