FLUXORIN - Decentralized Music Streaming Platform On The Blockchain Network


  Music plays a great role in our life. It helps us to calm down and cope wih the difficult times, it inspires us to the great achievements like jogging early in the morning, it cheers us up and as the perfect addition to any king of parties, meetings with friends and family. Many psychologists are talking about the healing impact on people's health that music can make.

  No wonder that people have been trying to create a platform or an application which can allow us to listent o our favourite songs whenever and whereever we need them. In this post I want to tell about the unique decentalized music streamimg platform based on the blockchain network — Fluxorin. With the help of Fluxorin, people will have a chance to finally get a system for the publication and consumption of music. Moreover, this system is combined with cryptocurrency and cutting-edge, up-to-date technologies. Creators of Fluxorin believe that this will surely inspire artists and singers to make better content. Besides, billions of different goup fans will enjoy the brand new approach in the sphere.

  Fluxorin is a unique, revolution platform for the whole music industry due to its transparency, usage of DLA and, subsequently, the better and faster distribution, low operational costs and proper allocation of royalties. Music fans all over the world shoul thank Fluxorin for the opportunity of the usage of p2p file sharing and delivery networks and emplying the sharism model.

  Now let's speak about the technical side of the project. The platform has issued its own tokens — Flux token. It is a try to harness the blockchain technology in order to solve the problem of payments to the artists. Fluxorin team is going to solve it by providing transparency to the complicated chain of rights and rules of ownership whuch are closely connected to the digital destribution of music. Nowadays people rarely buy CD disks or vinyl records, for the exseption of some kind of collectors. That is why the problem of distribution of digital version of albums is very acute nowadays — artists and labels income can reduce due to this situation.

  Speaking of labels, they will find their revenue as well. Fluxorin is ready to offer the brand new music creation process via decetralized autonomus labels.

  With the Fluxorin model, smart contacts technology and low operational costs, all people and companies that took part in the music creation will be able to set the exact percentage they want to have from the ownership. Finally, this money will go to the artists bank accounts, not to the unknown pockets of some questionable celebrities or businessmen. There is good news for us, fans as well — the most loyal ones, who helped with marketing and distribution by sharing their favourite music will also get the part of the income. Is not it unbelievably wonderful?

  Now let me tell you more about his model Fluxorin is ready to give us. Hanks to new technologies of deliver and peer-to-peer communication, music can be published and distributed in considerable more quality than it is now without rising the costs. This model will make a revolution in the future internet and restructures the whole process from the beginning — the creation of mucis till the last stages of the promotion.

  The model I am talking about has its roots in the theory of Sharism — it emphasizes a tight connection between sharing and rewarding making sure that nobody is left without the proper reward he or she deserves.
Every payback which is made represents an exchange between the artist or a musician himself and his auditorium, listeners. You as a listener send the payment to the label and the certain musician, and as the payback you are guaranteed the access to a special kind of works.
  Such kind of model allows to have a low transaction cost and the absence of any kind of boarders. We have all we need to make the proper conditions for working of this model everywhere as the rise of digital currencies and blockchain technology makes such a system possible in our world.
  The platform of Fluxorin has been designed for a new model and for offering a marvellous opportunity for large stakeholder groups. Both big and famous and small and still unknown labels will have their profit and benefit from Floxorin because the whole market can be enlarged to work once and, as people say, harvest forever. The ownership can be put in the platform's blockchain and kept enjoying the up scaled consumption.

  Fluxorin was designed for both musicians and listeners, marketers, promoters, DJs and social curators. Besides, the platform can be a perfect base for any kind of start-ups and innovation technologies. Moreover, Fluxorin has big amount of data acceptable for everyone. With its help you can get personal recommendations for further discovering music according to your preferences and tastes.

  And in conclusion I would like to warn you not to miss the first stage of the Fluxorin pre-sale, as you can get discount up to thirty per cent with different kind of bonuses. This is a good chance to become a part of the most incredible and innovative platform connected with such a beautiful thing as music, which will always be acute, as long as humanity lives. The Flux token is the main element of the project's network with labels, artists and other people connected to the music world involved in the process will be rewarded as I have already mentioned above. As a listener, you will have a chance to buy music with VBT and buy ticket to your favourite concert or show.

  I joined in Fluxorin because I wish only thriving for my favourite music artists and I think it is unfair that they do not get as much money as they deserve to, especially the new ones, which are not quite famous, but talented. Besides, i am interested in the Fluxorin product, it is surely going to be unusual and exsisting. If you are a music fan or a fan of the sphere of the show business — you should definitely check the Fluxorin official website and have a look at their marvellous products!

What is The Flux Token?

The Flux Token is an attempt to harness the blockchain technology to solve the problem of artist royalties and payments by providing transparency to the complicated chain of rights ownership and usage in the digital distribution of music, as well as offering a new model of the music creation process via the Decentralized Autonomous Labels.

Fluxorin as a decentralized platform has a lot to offer in revolutionizing the music industry as a whole.

These include:

  • Transparency
  • Use of DLA which helps in distribution
  • Low operational cost
  • Proper allocation of royalties
  • Use of P2P file sharing and delivery networks
  • Employing the sharism model

Token Distribution

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Raised Funds Distribution

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Team Members

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ICO Stages

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Do you want know more? Information here:

Whitepaper: https://www.fluxorin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FLUXORIN.pdf
Website: https://www.fluxorin.io/
ANN Treat: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4361686.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fluxorin.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fluxorin_io
Telegram: https://t.me/FluxorinICO
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfc9HobLDm9Tra6RTNc7Lw


Bitcointalk usermane: Welckomtome
Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1154834
Telegram: @AKBaikal17

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