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  Trimpo... At first this platform attracted me with its name, it reminded me of Tempo — a cholocate bar. I dig further and found out a lof of information I want to share with you today because, in my opinion, people must know about this company.

  Trimpo is the first blockchain integrated marketplace with the helping hand of which you can become a sucessful merchant on global marketplace without problems that people had to manage before. I am talking about some difficulties with going online, the fragmentation of the E-commerce market, the absence of integration of multiple online sales in one single account. Besides, it is still hard for merchants to collect relevant data and read quality analytics.

  With Trimpo you can easily forget about such things. With one click on the mouse you can now enter from each region you are and see real-time data on sales and updations you are interested in. The platform has a special department which aims to make analytics, monitoring activities and making a proper and useful recomendations.

  Moreover, with Trimpo you will be provided with reducing costs for each transaction for everyone — merchants, customers and suppliers. So whatever your sphere of interest is, you will find in Trimpo a friend who can always give you a good advice and support you — guys from analytics department are constantly watching and observing all trends for any product you need or are interested in. As a cherry on top I want to add the fact that you can pay with cryptocurrency, without any annoying exchanges and huge commissions.

  You should have in mind that the project is an e-commerce eco-system with the products on sales from such big companies like eBay and Amazon and even some social networks like VK. Trimpo is also connected with Yandex.Market and creates price lists for CPC and PPC sales channels. You as a merchant can put your product on sale, state your conditons, receive messages and even reviews from users — this is so necessary to improve your business.

  Before conclusion, let me tell you something about Trimpo tokens, which are unique ones due to the fact that they will be sold only when the token sale. Besides, they were created especially for external and internal transactions of the members of a large Trimpo family. This is really a family — in case you are a customer, you are going to be provided with loyalty program.

  To cut the long story short, Trimpo is the best solution for you if you want to have perfect service and goods as a customer and to start you career as a merchant. AliExpress, Etsy, Flipkart and other huge marketplaces are to be connected with Trimpo in the nearest future as well as the opportunity to have a chat directly with the customer, which is very convenient. Do not forget that your customers will have a chance to pay via any cryptocurrency they want — believe me, a lot of people are dreaming about this opportunity.

  If you have been waiting for a sign to start changing your life — here it is, so take action and good luck with all your purchases and beginnings!

Short video about project

  Trimpo is the first blockchain integrated marketplace and a service that helps merchants start selling on global marketplaces


Why Trimpo Will Grow?

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Token usage

Purchases at Trimpo marketplace
Customer loyalty program (e.g. cashback)
Commission fees for merchants
Service fees for suppliers










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