ICO All-In is Restoring Investor Confidence in Token Sales

With the total number of ICOs launched in 2018 already more than all the ICOs launched in the entire year of 2017, it is undeniable that token sales are as popular as ever before. But their proliferation means that it is increasingly difficult to monitor and keep track of new ICOs, and much harder to distinguish legitimate ones from scams and frauds, with hundreds launching every month.

As many seemingly look similar to each other, the regular investor is unable to identify the most viable tokens, with whitepapers generally highly technical, and due diligence on developers difficult to conduct.

ICO All-In recognizes this problem and has come up with simple solution: a reliable rating system all in one place, where contributors can access scam-free and less successful token sales. From assessing whitepaper strengths, to verifying the authenticity of developer teams, and even external factors such as competitors, regulations, exchanges and marketing, backers can now get trusted and reliable information on projects.

Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/ico-all-in-is-restoring-investor-confidence-in-token-sales/

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