Quadrant Protocol — Data Ecosystem With Authenticity And Provenance

Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol, which allows you to access, create and distribute data indicating the authenticity and provenance. The authors of the Quadrant protocol intend to solve a number of actual problems by creating a mapping plan for disparate data sources.

Quadrant Protocol uses Proof of Authentication and Provenance — this is exactly where the blockchain technology will be integrated most. Confidence in the data will be built, and recording historical data will help in the distribution of the level of confidence.

According to the developers, the data economy today has many problems, among which:

Many companies do not have access to all the data they need, so they create innovative systems;
Inaccurate data (small companies use algorithms of dubious and unreliable data, because of that they have inefficient work that does not bring the desired result);
Unstable ecosystems (data producers work without incentives, which means companies do not get the right amount of data, and the information available is not always reliable and authentic).
The new platform sets itself the following tasks:
• provides high-quality and efficient data processing;
• provides data control, so all information on the unit is reliable and truthful;
• processes a large number of transactions for a short period of time;
• ensures transparent interactions of all participants.

Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/quadrant-protocol-data-ecosystem-with-authenticity-and-provenance-6af708f960ba


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