Yumerium: From “Pay-to-Play” to “Earn-to-Play”

Yumerium is a new ecosystem of several games that allow you gamers, publishers and developers to earn. Today it is built around the game CryptoMine — a strategy in which you will need to build factories for the extraction of precious stones. Participants receive income, participate in lotteries for the distribution of “legendary stones” with special value. In future, each developer will be able to post their games on the Yumerium platform.

Each game will be initially placed with “seeding funds” in the form of YUM currency, which developers can spend on marketing, in order to attract players to a new game. In the future, gamers will be able to earn (or “get”) YUM tokens playing, inviting other players or posting reviews about the game.

YUM tokens will be accepted in all games on the Yumerium platform. The authors of the project expect that with the passage of time the number of games will increase significantly.

Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/yumerium-from-pay-to-play-to-earn-to-play-e54c139d94a1


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