Greeting Community  Steemit, In this new post I will introduce about DeepAero project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:VisionAt DEEP AERO, we are building an autonomous drill economy supported by AI & Blockchain. We will completely change the urban transport system by bringing flight requests and cargo shipments at your fingertips. 

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, a flying machine that operates by remote control by the pilot or is able to control itself, using aerodynamic laws to lift itself, reusable and capable of carrying cargo. The development of the world of aviation technology is currently growing very rapidly by one of them since the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft, aircraft of this plane became more popular in the community, because so many applications.Deep Aero is a company that is building an autonomous economy from unmanned aerial vehicles, backed by AI & Blockchain. Developers will completely change the city’s transportation system, making the delivery of flights and cargo very simple and convenient.The platform has decentralized, intelligent, self-sustaining traffic management. The flight plan complies with all AI regulatory requirements based on airspace intelligence rules for aerial space for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Active or planned flights can adapt to changing airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for optimal performance.Some features of Deep AeroCompliant, flight plan meets all regulatory requirements with AI driven, rule-based airborne intelligence for company-friendly drone operationsEfficient , flight active or planned can adapt to changes in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for optimal performance.Safe, maximum situational awareness with real-time notification of nearby traffic, based on flight plan and direct telemetry.Source ImageDrone Use CaseAerial Survey.Package Delivery.Aerial Transportation.Photography and film making.Pinpoint pesticide delivery.Forest fire fighting assistance.Traffic monitoring.Underground sewer,power, utility, maintenance and safety inspection.Hign-rise commercial building maintenance and saftey inspecton.Security and surveillance.Pipeline survey, security. management and maintenance.Crowd control/management.Livestock/range management.Power line maintenance and safety inspection.Wind turbine maintenance and safety inspection.Wildlife conservation. 

 ProductDEEP AERO UTMDecentralized traffic management platform, intelligent, self-aware, autonomous droneAERO DEEP AERO & Cargo DronesVertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) transporting people and goods running on DEEP AERO UTMDEEP AERO Drone Market PlaceDecentralized markets for Drone related products and servicesfeaturesCompliantThe flight plan meets all regulatory requirements with AI, rule-based air intelligence for company-friendly drone operations.EfficientActive or planned flights can adapt to changes in airspace conditions, including wind, visibility and temperature, for optimal performance.SecureMaximum situational awareness with real-time notification of nearby traffic, based on flight plans and direct telemetry.Drone Use CasesAir SurveyPackage DeliveryAir transportPhotography and filmmakingDetermine the delivery of pesticidesForest fire fighting assistanceTraffic monitoringUnderground dumps, electricity, utilities, maintenance, and safety inspectionsMaintenance of multi-storey commercial buildings and secure inspectionsSecurity and supervisionSurvey pipeline, security. management and maintenanceControl of the crowd / managementLivestock management / rangeMaintenance of power lines and safety inspectionsMaintenance of wind turbines and safety inspectionsWildlife conservation 

 * Tokens not sold in ICO will be burned upon completion of ICOToken Sale SecurityDDOS ProtectionWe use Distributed DNS and managed Web Application Firewalls.Website SecurityOur websites and forms have been tested for penetration by third-party security tester companies, and the security-hardened environment and all the latest patches and security updates are installed.Social securityAll of our social media accounts have been secured with complex 2-factor authentication and passwords.Monitoring 24/7We continue to monitor our websites for suspicious users and activities.Smart Contract ReviewWe have created token intelligent sale contracts in accordance with engineering best practices, and all codes have been reviewed and certified.Roadmap 

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