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In today's dynamic market of cryptocurrency, it is important that the holders of the crypto currency, investors, analysts and everyone who works with the crypto currency are aware of all news and changes. Who owns the information - he owns the situation, as the well-known proverb says.

In the cryptocurrency market conditions change so quickly that a person who remains unaware of all these changes very quickly makes mistakes and as a result will fail.

Not to mention the fact that working with cryptocurrencies, as well as with other finances, we are faced with a lot of threats. This is a various hackers, scammers, as well as people who in one way or another seek to gain an advantage over us.

That is why it is so important to have timely access to fresh information and tools for obtaining it in order to be able to respond in time to all those changes that the crypto-market is undergoing on a daily basis. Information is power, if you learn to use this power correctly, you will become invincible.

But to collect this information from various sources, which besides are not always reliable - this is practically impossible task. Therefore, it would be nice to have at its disposal a certain information aggregator, that is, a tool that collects information, processes it, filters out unreliable data, and then provides the result of its work to all comers, from large investors, serious market gamers and analysts, and ending with inexperienced newcomers who make only their first steps into the world of crypto-currency. It is here that Cryptassist will come to their aid.

Cryptassist will become the main and indispensable tool through which various users, such as experts in the market, developers of computer technologies, investors, traders and ordinary users, will be able to obtain all information about the events in the cryptomarket. This information will be collected, sorted and presented in an understandable form on one convenient platform that will ba save time, energy and labor for people. Imagine what you were looking for with the help of search engines, spending time and effort on it, now every morning this information will appear on the screen of your computer or smartphone with one click.

About the project:

Cryptassist is a peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem operating on the principle of Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG), designed to collect and provide news to users, as well as many other tools that make it easier for users to work with crypto-currencies. All these possibilities will be realized on one modern and convenient platform, which saves time and avoids additional efforts. These various tools and news services will be able to send personal notices to users with unique profiles that will indicate their requests, interests, goals or preferences. People will be able to flexibly configure their profiles to get exactly the information they need.

Thanks to the use of the latest developments , this system will be very fast. To compare performance, we can cite as an example some of the known blockchain developments, such as Bitcoin (7-8 operations per second), Ethereum (20 operations per second), IOTA (500-800 operations per second), Paypal (193 transactions in give me a sec). Against the background of Cryptassist, these platforms will look like turtles on the background of a jet plane. Using Direct Acyclic Graph, which is essentially a fastest blockchain, Cryptassist will can accelerate to 3500 operations per second. This, of course, is the great indicator that anyone has been able to achieve with the use of blockchain.

How it works:

Cryptassist combines the best features of a variety of platforms based on blockchain technology and is able to provide a large number of tools needed by all people working in the crypto currency market. Cryptassist can offer up to 12 tools at a time, each of which is carefully designed for the convenience and safety of users and their means. Whether you are an investor, cryptanalyst or just a beginner hoping to get quick and easy money, trading crypto currency - for each of the above, Cryptassist will help to gain an indisputable advantage in the market.

One of the key features of this project is the Cryptassist debit card, the working mechanism of which to date has no analogues. This debit card becomes available to users after passing the user identification (KYC) procedure. Cardholders can easily, quickly and safely make transactions between their own platform currency (CTA), other cryptocurrencies, fiat money, as well as other debit and credit cards. This card will be very simple and convenient to use. Use it will not be more difficult than a standard bank card, such as a Visa, with the only difference being that the Cryptassit debit card is multicurrency, that is, it supports up to 50 different currencies and the commission payments for transactions is very low. In addition, you can cash out money from this card at any ATM anywhere in the world, and you can also use it to make purchases in online stores.

Cryptassist can also provide several other useful developments - Cryptogo, Cryptstarter, Exchange, Multi-Coin Block Explorer, Chat-Pay, innovation in philanthropy, arbitration, ICO Assistant, Webshop and many others. All these useful things are collected in one well-organized instrument, operating at an astonishing rate to provide everything needed for its users.


Starts - June 28, 2018

End - August 11, 2018


Token Symbol - CTA

Price 1 CTA - 0.05 USD

Bonus - Available

Soft cap - 36,980,000 USD

Hard cap - 236,250,000 USD

Whitelist/KYC - None










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