Innovative Bioresearch: crypto currency for solving acute medical problems

Innovative Bioresearch is a private biotechnology company based in Italy. It was founded by a research scientist Jonathan Fiore in order to conduct research and implement innovations in the fight against HIV and cancer.

Non-standard approach

The creators of the project suggest using salamander fibroblasts in the treatment of dangerous diseases that humanity can not cope with yet.

Among vertebrates, urodele amphibians (salamanders) are the only quadrupeds able to regenerate complex structures, such as limbs, tail and spinal cord throughout their life. In addition, it was shown that the salamander regeneration process eliminates tumors.

Fibroblasts are necessary for the regeneration of the salamander, but the mechanisms underlying the regeneration remain unclear. The role of fibroblasts in the regeneration of the extremities of the salamander and their activity can be compared with the role of human fibroblasts. In addition, the question remains whether the salamander's tissue can regenerate living tissues and suppress tumors in the body of living beings with a limited ability to regenerate. A deeper understanding of these processes can lead to the development of new regenerative and anticancer methods of treatment.

Principles of creating a project

· Carrying out oncological diseases research and AIDS

· Creation of a decentralized database and their processing

· Creation of an application that provides the user with full information, support and services for the treatment of cancer and HIV.

· Issue a token for purchase necessary equipment

The importance of the project: the identification of the problem

Traditionally, all the data obtained as a result of scientific research is collected in the form of a scientific article that is published in a scientific journal that has undergone an independent examination and is usually published in a public database.

When the new therapeutic technology, for example, as an innovative cell therapy for HIV with the help of the medical product for infusion of SupT1 cells, passes through several stages of clinical studies, different research groups around the world can conduct the necessary experiments. And once the therapy is finally will be approved for the treatment of people, all doctors around the world will begin to prescribe new treatments for their patients.

This means that when the research team wants to conduct clinical studies, it needs to go through a tedious and time-consuming process of searching for all the information provided on previous studies, reading all the documents, selecting useful data and making all possible interpretations of the data to form a protocol. With its help it will be possible to carry out tests, necessary to create a typology of patients. In fact, each patient may have different individual characteristics (for example, age, ethnicity, HIV-tropism) and, consequently, personalized treatment protocols may be required. What to do?

Possible solution: a decentralized database using clinical data storage

A possible solution is to create a decentralized database using blockchain technology. In the process of implementing the project, will be create an application called "You are not alone". The application will have a convenient interface, allowing any physician conducting clinical research to enter data obtained during their trials. The application will allow for a wide range of individual parameters for each patient, for example, age, ethnicity, stage of disease progression, viral tropism of HIV, and other clinical protocols.

Applicability of the INNBC token

Tokens are usually not supported by the cost of real goods, which means that there is nothing that would prevent them from losing value other than trusting the platform. However, the project provides something else for our owners of cryptocurrency. In "Innovative Bioresearch", specialists will be create their own medical equipment, which will be sold, thereby ensuring the liquidity of the token.

Project team

Road map

Take part in the project

The medical industry has great potential in the crypto-currency sphere. Participate in the ICO and purchase tokens you can with project website

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