World Bit Bank - international cryptocurrency bank

Today one of the main issues is the question of how digital and financial technologies as well as blockchain help to carry out money transactions in real time and without large expenses.

There are many mechanisms for conducting banking operations, and this led to the creation of a special structure for the implementation of money transactions. This structure is based on such components as banks, bank cards, services, ATMs, companies, stores. This is a large chain of intermediaries with commission payments and this forces the client to incur large costs.

Roadmap for this project implies buying ten existing banks for integration into the global financial banking system using innovative technologies in different countries. The first bank will be bought in the European Union. The licenses of banks are guaranteed, since they are already functioning. The main office will be located in Switzerland (Zug).

Advantages and features of WBB: no borders, cross-platform mechanism of operation, ease of use, fast transactions, any customer can control all data about his money and transactions, minimum commissions, risk minimization, open source, transparency, authentication.

The goal is to provide quality additional services for traditional banking sector using an electronic platform and integrate crypto-conversion into banking operations so that clients can use the services of the project in everyday life.

Services: Crypto currency on debit cards, low fees for replenishment and withdrawal of deposits, legitimate currency within the system, refund of funds under the loyalty program, own exchange service, leasing, payment by any cryptocurrency.

ICO and Wibcoin tokens

The tokens emission is one billion units. During the preliminary sales phase, the developers planned a soft cap of 500,000 euro, which is 667.61 ETH (marketing, technical development, development of a purse and exchange service, as well as a prototype of a mobile bank). Hard cap is 25 million euro. 1 token costs only 1 euro. After pre-sale, the following exchange system will operate: kraken, bitfinex, polonix, binance, hitbtc,

The main stage includes soft cap of 250 million euros, and hard cap - half a million. After the ICO, the network of cryptocurrency banks will be established in different financial jurisdictions around the world, including countries such as the USA, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, India, Brazil, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Japan.

Any token holders are able to purchase services within an ecosystem that provides great opportunities for doing business:

  • Ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions anywhere in the world;

  • Attraction of financing for own project or business, offering digital assets in the form of bonds;

  • Participants trade on the cryptocurrency exchange;

  • Low commission fees for transactions;

  • Use of classical services of cryptocurrency banks.

When buying tokens for 10 ETH or more, user can get additional bonuses in the form of free debit cards, and those users whose purchase is less than 1 ETH are provided with a virtual card.

Road map

This project has not yet been fully implemented. More recently, meetings were held with investors for make a presentation new venture funds. The concept itself was clearly formulated. Until June 2018, it is planned to conduct all the stages of ICO, for which the creators intend to raise twenty-five million euros in order to purchase a bank in Europe. In the autumn of the same year, software products for World Bit Bank will be developed. By the end of the year, it is planned to purchase nine more banks in various financial jurisdictions around the world and rebrand them to WBB. 2019: continued purchase of banks and their re-branding.

Project team










Summary of the review

Thus, WBB is a new stage in the banking world, which subsequently can supplant the traditional banking system, as it provides exactly the same services, but with more pleasant benefits for customers. Of course, it is not known how far the blockchain will go and everything connected with it, but it is already being introduced into all spheres of human life. The sales phase is still ongoing, and the cost of the tokens is quite acceptable, so if you want to become part of the World Bit Bank, do not waste time. Good luck!

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