NOIZ - A revolutionary project in the advertising business!

I am confident that no single forgone the remain dirt, machine-accessible with the release of information of many than 50 trillion consumers of the planet's maximal societal net Facebook. Likewise, each those who are machine-accessible with the planet of crypto-acceptances get detected a modify in ICO publicizing regulation in Google, Facebook, Warble.

You buoy keep indefinitely ... many than 46% of consumers
aforementioned they look completely no publicizing representing them.
Admen, on the additional manus, are featured with dubious information
accepted from several performance on information bandage (clinks,
scene) close to email bots.

Often partner pilfer concept from everyone additional or all the more full publicizing crusades. In common, the planet has continued developed representing the coming of NOIZ.

Thanks to the decentralised arrangement and the application of the stop, NOIZ precludes information outflow. This change dilates the possibilities of the local and betters the publicizing imitation. Furthermore, the NOIZ net interprets the advertizer-firm-guest: assemblies of societal influence, which, at remain, desire get a fixed revenue.

Publishers and notifications on the program buoy interact with everyone additional, as good as create statement and rewards. The NOIZ program is composed in much a method that the local is amenable representing location criteria representing the standard of size, and this is finished close to keeping ballots in prefer of or fronting admen with great or poor occupation standard, and furthermore make mention of to publishers who plagiarise size and publish information without belief .

NOIZ means to make a modern ecosystem in the planet of publicizing, supported on the stop with unreal intellect, fetching unitedly admen, publishers and common consumers.

The NOIZ net desire support to follow in societal responsibleness operations detected close to the Mutual Polity (SDGs) as the primary issue representing partner in the forthcoming.NOIZ understands how to resolve these troubles with digital publicizing in arrears to the adjacency of practised publicizing professional from the valuable firms in the publicizing planet Dentsu and Ogilvy.

NOIZ is confident that a decentralised publicizing computer that admit
the local to get the impulsive power of an publicizing ecosystem
desire be the just method to make a true publicizing imitation
representing right engagement now and in the continued designation.

Digital media this yr are estimated at $ 237 million or 40% of the full publicizing marketplace. It is awaited that in 2020 this form desire be $ 291 million and 50% of the publicizing marketplace.

But not all things is so pink in the planet of publicizing. Advertizers washed-out almost $ 16.4 million in 2017 on each sortings of fraudulence in the publicizing planet. Exactly, that's how even those equivalent bots break bread. This yr this form desire already achieve $ 19 million and in 2020 it desire achieve $ 22 million.

In extension, big websites much as Google and Facebook buoy joke full manufacture, much as ICO, on the other hand yet neglect a immense measure of fake / plagiarising publicizing on their dais, wick the type and the estimate of admen.

NOIZ make use of a cognitive bot titled NIKOLA to novice dialogue
duologues in everyone ad. NIKOLA is accoutered with INFORMATICS, the
many consumers act towards NIKOLA, the many capable NIKOLA turns,
then, the designation "cognitive".

NIKOLA desire attempt to actualize the purpose of accelerando the equivalent of transition of digital ads. It desire furthermore comfort consumers to join in in publicizing close to on the condition that them [consumers] with award in coins every age they [consumers] interact with ads.

NIKOLA buoy furthermore assign client answer - their engagement - in the Oppose equivalent process and passing coins over the NOIZ program.

Today, ad nets immortalize person agility and so analyse their performance, seeking to form away the bots. Thither is a plenty of intimate data that is normally stored on the corporation's waiters.

On the single manus, this data would serve the full digital local to
obtain distance of crafty the exercise of scammers, on the additional
manus thither is a danger of unwrapping secret data. Then, NOIZ
contrivances to apply the stop process supported on HyperLedger
application representing these intent.

This net has spread origin regulation and is already victimized close to many than 200 dissimilar big partner, containing IBM devils. HyperLedger application admit storing terabytes of data, distinct from additional blockbodies, which causes the interplay extremely focused.

The planet of publicizing on the Net is instantly experiencing not the better of its age. Consumers no long pament interest to the burst-up beauteous picture of anything, admen - are progressively approached with the truth that especial bots are victimized and thither is no "exhaust".

Increasingly, publicizing does not gestate whatever measure to the
person and already it is many jealous and humans desire not
essentially purchase obsessionally offered advantages and utility.

It is to modify this conception and create a revolution in the planet publicizing - this is the NOIZ propose.


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