Confidential data in safety.

Remember that day when you for the first time have sat down at the computer - It was something unimaginable! And what you felt when have for the first time gone on-line? I think your delight I was not less bright. Be transferred together with me there. You the first time in the life press a browser label, find the website necessary to you perhaps using a search engine, perhaps manually filling an address line of the browser!

Here you on the website greedy absorb everything, than the author of the website has considered it necessary to share. Then having a little recovered you continue study Internet surfing. And here on the following website which you have wanted to visit you you see the advertizing connected with previous. Your bewilderment - really this wonderful coincidence and this advertizing banner it has appeared here accidentally. However, a little later, you pass to the third website and that on it. Yes, same advertizing...
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That day it seemed to you that it is wrong. Wrong the fact that someone can monitor your actions. Eventually why this advertizing has to pursue you? So was that day when you have seen it for the first time. And what then? Possibly you as well as many began to close eyes to it. Having told itself something it seems: C'est la vie. It is valid what remains to the ordinary user? Only to be reconciled with injustice but that if the problem about which we speak is found by the developer? The developer who is eager to change the world to the best.

You learn what will be offered to us by this developer in this article. Pleasant reading.

One more serious problem in many browsers is advertizing. At first advertizing can seem fine but over time it becomes irritating. They can even lead you to fraud to malicious software or use your computer for receiving cryptocurrency if you don't know. Many advertizing platforms of the platform also receive big percent from the income spent by the companies seeking to advertize. A part of income also concerns owners of websites which usually are cut out and are one of means of monetization of content on the Internet.

Experience of viewing can also be unpleasant by search of concrete information which isn't displayed in the top results. Generally it is connected with bad algorithms which allow owners of websites to use a bait for clicks viewing of boats and other tactics to range the page in the best search results. There are not so many incentives for writing of high-quality content on the Internet!

The decision is - this ONLINE.IO project develops the new decision to make the Internet free from all troubles such as malicious software, advertizing and spam. Based on blockade force it is aimed at revolution in the Internet world. The platform offers a new type of viewing which will be without advertizing and smooth. The platform will offer websites several tools easily to integrate the technology solution proposed by them. Without advertizing the websites will be quicker loaded and the user will spend more time for these websites. Websites will be able to create financial opportunities by means of the noble concepts submitted by team such as rating provided by users after excellent viewing.

Toners of ONLINE.IO are used by users on the platform for payment of various services. Tokens are created depending on the number of the users visiting the website. The consensus algorithm used by the platform is the Proof online. Users and webmasters it is two of the most important objects on the platform and they will become the key driver of growth for the platform. On the platform there are different tokens for various purposes. Users on the platform can use free content free from spam which will be the real purpose of an ecosystem
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About the application
Today there is a serious problem with confidentiality. For collection of information on behavioural factors can be used financial medical and including geographical data. The team intends to include blocking of scenarios of tracking.

Blocking of scenarios is only one of functions of the application which the campaign intends to create. What for the application?

So, the application can be installed on any browser both mobile and desktop as expansion.

Functions which are included by the application

  1. An antivirus (all harmful and potentially harmful websites will be blocked by the application)
  1. A web purse (it won't be necessary to be afraid of false domains of the financial organizations all tranzation it is possible to make in the application)
  1. The blocker of scenarios of tracking (be anonymous don't give the personal data to advertizing agents now viewing of advertizing will become really private).
  1. In the top part of the browser the system of vote through which the developer will be integrated plans to carry out both the help to users and definition of an award for the owner of a resource. System assessment five-star. That is each active user will be able to deliver to the website from 1 to 5 stars. The website trust rating will be formed thus
  1. In addition, expansion will contain productivity accelerator (less time one expectation more not work and entertainments)

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— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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