FC Sporting considers ICO start


The Lisbon football club Sporting plans own ICO as an alternative way of attraction of financial resources.

The Dinheiro Vivo edition reported about it, with reference to the vice president of club Francisco Salgado Zenj. According to him, such possibility is already considered, however yet it is impossible to tell "anything concrete".

"We attentively study ICO. We hold meetings on this question. There is very valuable potential for the Sporting brand".

Recently the issue of bonds from the Portuguese FC took place. Income from bonds for investors will be 5.25% a year. Thus Sporting attracted $34 million. According to representatives of club, the issue of bonds had no due result, and therefore start of ICO can become "the strategic decision". Otherwise, Sportingu perhaps even should sell players.

Often the cryptocurrencies released by the organizations like FC, can be used in a consequence for purchase of a merchendayz though in this specific case directly it was not told yet.

The Portuguese Commission on securities market (CMVM), already considerable time which is fixedly watching the cryptocurrency market issued the decree according to which all companies wishing to start ICO in the territory of Portugal have to clarify "the legal nature of tokens before their release".

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Investments into ICO, review and analysis of tokens

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