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It seems already anything to find in the modern world constant and invariable - aren't also a technology exception in various areas. Specifically in our case we will pay attention to Internet technology which has made possible and safe commission of transactions of any point of the world in only a few seconds. The birth of the first cryptocurrency namely bitcoin in 2009 wasn't a casual event rather it there was a need!

Revolution in the sphere of finance has been carried out by means of the blockchain platform. This platform is safe and rather universal as her ideology is applicable also in other spheres and optional connected with finance.

This new concept of cryptocurrencies has influenced creation of other currencies, It should be noted that it takes place here to be completely decentralized system.

All this has changed outlook of people. Now perhaps everyone heard at least once a word the cryptocurrency besides is available and much that who is users. However there will be also such who doesn't trust cryptocurrency: to use physical money or Fiat in the address more habitually; often it happens because of bad awareness. Actually by means of cryptocurrency technology many problems are solved but there is one BUT platforms are difficult and as a result performance of operations is at a loss. I see the solution of current situation it is the Rubius project.

About the project

Rubius is such cryptocurrency company which uses blockcahin technology for granting software products of the banks directed to a solution in the world of Blockchain. The structure of Rubius includes two components, the exchange and the user application integrated for bigger convenience in application by the inexperienced user. Plus to everything in the Rubius project is available own coin – the payment tool capable to compete with others.

The appearing system elements – decentralization safety and transparency. The ARYL application offered by team – the first service with an open source code and the platform for purses simplifies process of carrying out transactions. Also you can not only give cryptocurrencies but also communicate with others by means of messages.

According to creators of this application about 14 seconds of time one operation will borrow. If it is true that service will gain popularity both among professionals and among ordinary users who have got used to keep money in the e-wallets.

RUBY is the autonomous digital money working at the popular ERC20 standard. All transactions in the Rubius system will be processed through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for transparency: EVM checks and writes down all data.

The Rubius project purpose – to give to all people an opportunity of access to carrying out all of bank operations known now having made them free by means of our software products on the basis of the working ETH platform.


With the clear and convenient application to do payments by means of Aryl and it will also be easy to send and приниматьь cryptocurrencies. Maximum benefits. If the benefit begins to compare our commission in 0,1% to the corresponding indicator of competitors that objectively obvious. Orientation to any audience and usability – the defining moments they do Rubius attractive not only for experts. Because of complexity and incomprehensibility of interfaces the user often makes mistakes which lead to loss of cryptocurrency.


The main market of banks – developing countries because it isn't favorable to it to have branches in more backward regions in the economic plan where there is also a need in bank service. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can offer people a good alternative to banks. To thereby solve many real problems which arise before ordinary inhabitants of our planet.

The present is on dive of technological growth, than not time to focus on the new Rubius project
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