Sex, drugs, blockchain: what was created on the main meeting of fans of cryptocurrencies and ICO


After the collapse of bitcoin and growing of audience of a rate is much higher now: the blockchain, tokens and ICO became a subject of studying not of ordinary boys in wrinkled t-shirts, and analysts and top managers of large investment banks which make decisions where to enclose the next one billion. The prospects of scandalous branch were discussed on the main cryptoevent of year — already the third Blockchain Cruise organized by Coinsbank. Cocaine, hot girls, cryptocurrencies and is a little blockchain — has visited the huge liner and tells how the young branch tries to ripen.

Four-day криптоинтенсив followed along a route Barcelona — Monaco — Ibiza — Barcelona. It was possible to estimate scope of an action on approach to the capital of Catalonia — at landing approach the huge cruise liner which expected landing aboard more than 1,5 thousand guests of a cryptocruise distinctly was seen. At the airport guests were welcomed by girls who helped participants of a forum to reach the eleven-deck liner. In the transit bus ears of the beginner could be surprised to existence of the Russian speech, and compatriots enjoyed fervent pronunciation of offensive language on all bus, in addition there were discussions where it is possible to get a nonsense and as it is better to spend evening. Participants of a grandiloquent discussion have also given the short characteristic to the forthcoming event: "******** (kurtizansky) ferry".

Evening of the first day has passed in settling efforts, expectation of the late guests, casual acquaintances to people and the ship and also in an appeal to be registered urgently on one of cryptopurses which owners offered "free air". Details of the offer have instantly thrown in the general chat of participants of a cruise that has caused claims about spam and jokes about blocking of the guest. Nevertheless participants of a chat have been ready very kindly and didn't begin to ban the spammer. Closer by night of crowd of the people have resolved on decks of the liner, preferring leisure to liking: from a netvorking to live music which has been presented by once perspective Russian Pompeya group.
"******* road"

Morning of the first official day of Blockchain Cruise was heavy: many hardly found where it is possible to pour fresh coffee and to recover after an evening party. On the main deck where racetracks settled down, there were only several people from whom couple still otkisat after stormy night. In the gym to the people there was slightly more. Among them — the former "champion Righi on kickboxing" who "till the night smelled cocaine" and has come into the gym, probably, to cheer up.

The athlete several times got to the bottom of guests of a cruise, hasn't received a remark for appearance from the local instructor yet — on the hero there were only swimming trunks that is forbidden by rules of the gym. Having pretended that has understood claims, "the champion Righi on kickboxing" has gone to an exit where has found the new victim, "training" which created for people around feeling of stay not in the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Monte Carlo, and in some rocking chair situated near Moscow. The hero swore that he still in shape and "urabotat any in this hall", and at the end of an angry speech has decided to return to a cabin and "******* (to vkhrenachit) still the road".

The opening speech and the first panel session had to begin at 9 in the morning, but the hall didn't want to be filled in any way, and speakers were late. The beginning have detained for 30 minutes that has aroused indignation at small group of young people who loudly were indignant, noting that it "a fucking shame". The majority nevertheless have waited for the beginning and an opening speech from Vitaly Andrusevich. The co-founder of Coinsbank to a descent called the third cruise the most abrupt because he for "real people who at last see each other in a face and industry problems can discuss alive, strike up new acquaintances and just perfectly spend time". After opening speeches have invited to the stage a headliner of the first day — the founder of one of the world's largest cryptoexchanges BTCC and the board member of Bitcoin Foundation charity foundation Bobbie Li.
"They hold us for eggs"

Bobbie Li has begun a performance with a couple of jokes, one of which really reflected severe reality for all participants of a cruise: the fast and free Internet which wasn't. Speed of free Wi-Fi reminded sounds of connection of an era of dial-up, and the page could be loaded minutes five. Not less amusing was also the fact that by the ship only the real currency was accepted — it was impossible to pay for services with cryptocurrency, only some representatives of the participating companies of a forum accepted a crypt. And here it was simple to buy the ticket for a forum by means of cryptocurrency — organizers have given a similar opportunity.

Having won attention of sleepy audience, Bobbie Li has passed to the main subject of a lecture — anonymity. According to him, possession of any asset in the 21st century is impossible without identification — any purchase or the order property are controlled by classical institutes: states, banks, exchanges, etc. Li insists that control is the evil. "They control everything. In China, for example, you won't even be able to buy tickets at cinema if for you the debt sticks out" — Bobbie whose main message of a performance comes down to a simple thesis is indignant: "They hold us for eggs".

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