KitToken : User Driven Cryptocurrency Of The Future

Every day we use our different local currencies to exchange goods and services among countrymen. Our currencies have restricted us to a specific geographical location. As technology continues to advance Its innovation, we need to offer our services and transact with everyone from all parts of the world.

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Creating a flexible means to exchange value between parties from different corners of the world has been a pain in our current financial ecosystem. Counter-parties who enables cross-border transactions are faced with different challenges such as:

  • High Charges
  • Security
  • Regulatory Pressure
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Speed
  • Inaccuracies

How Do We Resolve These Challenges?

The invention of blockchain technology since 2008 has led to massive disruption in major industries across the globe. This has created a borderless means to transact between parties.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to aid borderless transaction between entities. Over time, it becomes scarce and expensive for an ordinary individual to get a single bitcoin. And most often the transaction fees are too high to carry out our day to day transactions.

Ordinary individuals no longer find it conducive to make a micropayment. Early adopters of cryptocurrencies have filled their wallets for the future.

What Is The Way Forward?

KitToken a new blockchain project proposes to remedy a solution to the underlying challenges to use cryptocurrency for our day to day activities. KitToken is developing a decentralized ecosystem that enables ordinary users to carry out transaction securely, transparently, faster and quicker across borders with very low transaction fees.


KitToken is the frontier of the first stable cryptocurrency that challenges the everyday use of the digital currency. It intends to distribute the value of a cryptocurrency among different entities such as miners, community users, merchants and businesses that play a vital role in the finance chain.

What Can KitToken Be Used For?

The KitToken is built for the everyday use of cryptocurrency for our day to day lives. The cryptocurrency can be used to pay for our basic utilities such as our rent, electricity bills, cable connections for TV and Phone Lines, trash removals, gas caps among many others for our day to day needs.

Individuals in a foreign country can also use the KitToken to transfer funds to his/her relatives in his home country. And as statistic have it; Money sent home by migrants competes with international aid as one of the largest financial inflows to developing countries.


Since the KitToken is built for our everyday use, It could also be used in convenience stores that stock a wide range of our everyday use items such as groceries, snack food, confectioneries, soft drinks, toiletries, newspapers, magazines, tobacco products among many other items we need for our day to day activities.

The KitToken would also be available in public exchanges, individuals can trade their KitToken for other altcoin or trade it in exchange of cash equivalent. This provides easy and flexible means to exchange ones token to other forms of value.

Key Benefit Of KitToken

  • Affordable by the masses
  • Easy to use
  • Stored in A SECURED WALLET
  • No Geographical barriers
  • Secured border transaction
  • Eliminate Middleman
  • Flexible means of payment
  • Eliminate high Counter-party charges
  • An immediate rebates provider
  • Low Transaction Fee


The KitToken is the state of the art innovation that is here to transform the use of cryptocurrency for our everyday lives. The idea is to create a globally connected world where value can be exchanged between parties in a flexible and easy manner. Blockchain technology is a revolution and KitToken leverages the technology to create an ecosystem for the ordinary man for his everyday use.

Visit the KitToken official website, join the social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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This article is not a financial advice. Investing in ICO may be extremely risky, always remember to do your own research and consult financial and legal advisors before investing in ICOs.
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