W12 is setting up a decentralized facilities in which trust between the  functions is not necessary and any kind of disputes may be resolved quickly,  transparently with minimum costs. Its process is designed to be quickly  integrated into virtually any existing business or perhaps solution.  Additionally , W12 Supplies its own program for providing tokens using an user  friendly software, through which assignments can easily entice funds making use  of the platform process. The process consists of sensible contracts, the DAO  managing mechanism, and a decentralized oracle network that control the delivery  of the breakthrough in job roadmap.

The oracles inside the decentralized  W12 network send verified details from the exterior world towards the block  cycle and what is execution on the scenarios developed in good contracts. W12  creates a program in which the get-togethers do not need to trust each other,  the settlement Of disputes takes place quicker, even more transparent including  a lower expense, providing a comprehensive portfolio of users with easy access  for the benefits of obstruct chain technology. At W12 we are making a bridge  involving the crypto sector and the classic economy by simply integrating each  of our solution in real businesses.

The W12 solution permits  reconsidering the role of this state since an arbiter in associations between  gatherings and to alleviate part of this kind of burden by state corporations,  shifting that to bright contracts and self governed decentralized companies. The  setup of the W12 solution makes the basis to get a new decentralized digital  overall economy and is more likely to affect several traditional economic and  city law companies in the quick future.

The W12 remedy increases results  and tremendously reduces hazards, saving symbol buyers about 95% of your funds  that they invest in unrealized projects. Today, early level ICO tasks raise  superb amounts, even though usually simply modest quantities are necessary to  test a functioning hypothesis and perform their initial running. If the  speculation does not work through the first levels of the map, the remaining  cash can be kept and delivered to the expression buyer. The hazards will be  lowered, and the earnings will increase as a result of preservation of any  portion of the portfolio, letting them reinvest their very own savings consist  of more rewarding projects.

W12 provides the system for a decentralized  campaign opinion. Social contributing factors will be able to sunc their  contributed time together with the project plan and breakthrough. Such  decentralized approach will decrease the control costs of any advertising  campaign and enhance contributor contribution, which is penultimate for an  advanced of charitable organization activity.

 Website : https://tokensale.w12.io/

ANN thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425

Telegram : https://t.me/w12io

Whitepaper : https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/w12_io

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