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Social networks take one of the major places in modern people’s lives. Each day we spend some of our time in these networks. Some people spend more, others - less. But in one way or another, they became an integral part of our everyday routine.

In this article, I would like to tell you about media network as a type of social network. A well-known example of media network is YouTube - one of the most popular websites in the world. In fact, it also can be called a social network, as many people communicate and interact there all the time. Besides, it replaced classic media long ago for many of us.

To understand the meaning and features of Current project, we should once more refer to YouTube. It’s not a secret that content creators on YouTube earn money depending on the number of their subscribers and on the number of views. In other words - we help them make money, me and you. In its turn, Current project provides an opportunity for all system members to spread the content. Also, it allows you to pay for your favorite content (music, lots of movies, audiobooks).

Current project

It represents a media platform which combines all popular media networks such as Spotify, YouTube, and allows live streaming of these networks. So it’s a kind of streaming you get rewarded for.

The project is based on blockchain technology. But you shouldn’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it. All these innovations shouldn’t stress you. The platform is developed to be convenient even for the most ordinary user. And what’s important - using cryptocurrency won’t cause you any trouble thanks to the automatically created wallet for CRNC tokens.

How it works?

Current platform will gather all users of media content. The system will include all the best multimedia from popular networks and provide the necessary functions of these networks. In result, the user gets an interface where all the resources he’s interested in are collected in one place. Interaction between the Current platform and media networks will be done via API. Payments within the system will be conducted in CRNC tokens.  Someone will spend these tokens to pay for an ad and someone will earn them by watching content.

Why do we need such a platform?

According to different researches, an average person spends more than 5 hours a day searching for interesting content. Statistics show that mostly this content is searched for on YouTube. In modern advertising industry media corporations have all the money. Thus it is them who decide which content, which ads should be shown to the users. Advertising market in the sphere of media is really huge. According to different estimates, it is almost $44 billion.

Current project is aimed at giving users an opportunity to be free to choose the content they are really interested in and promote its spreading. And what’s really important - get paid for it. A unified platform will enable to gather users from different media platforms. It will result in greater audience reach while using all the popular media networks. The platform will take into account all users’ preferences, collected from other media platforms. Thereby the user will get all the required content in one place. An Ethereum smart contract with a protocol similar to Storj will be used to store data.

What is the purpose of using smart contracts here? Firstly, it will allow every user to receive his remuneration for streaming.  Moreover:
- users will have new ways of paying for content;
- content creators will have more options of monetisation;
- advertisers will get a more qualitative audience.


The project already has a fully functional mobile application with 200 000 users. Serious investors, such as Mark Cuban, support this project.  The idea of the project is really useful and can attract a lot of users. Since I myself am a media networks user, I see this platform as a possibility to bring together all the content I’m interested in, meanwhile obtaining an opportunity to get rewarded for it. So I recommend you to draw your attention to this project. I really want to wish the team good luck.

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Author: saycryptohello, bitcointalk profile:;u=1336255

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