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Today we’ll talk about a project in one way or another concerning everyone. Almost each of us at least once searched for a job, survived an interview and, in case of success, obtained a desired position.
When you search for a job you always face some requirements. They depend on specific tasks you’re going to fulfill. Usually the requirements include the necessary experience, skills, personal qualities. But how can you check if the candidate really has all these essential skills?

Skyllz project

The main goal of Skyllz project is to have a way to test, trace and improve skills through their application. An idea to create such a platform emerged when the Workkola team observed their project’s users. So now all users of the Skyllz platform will be able to test and confirm their skills, and most importantly - to upgrade them.

Skyllz project features:
- Meritocracy. Each user, regardless of country, gender and race, can improve his skills and show them to all the other platform users.
- Distribution of power. To confirm your skills and record them in smart-contracts you have to receive confirmation of your qualification from three independent rating agencies. This rule evolves in Proof-of-Skills protocol providing basis for the platform’s ecosystem. This protocol serves for identification of partners’ rating, user’s rating and other components of the system. An SKT token will be used within the platform and it will allow to participate in the voting.
- Objectivity. Votings are conducted anonymously to eliminate a possibility of bribery or preconception.
- Transparency. All skills are registered in blockchain. Thus they cannot be changed or exaggerated.

Those who use LinkedIn must have seen that it also provides a possibility to rate skills and leave feedback. But the results cannot be deemed objective as you can easily ask your friends to rate you. In contrast, the developed platform will be fair and transparent. It is obvious that a project like Skyllz will represent a new level, an upgrade for all resources related to HR and personnel evaluation.

SKT token

Utility token of the ERC-20 standard will allow the owners to use all the platform’s features. Tokens will also be used to promote clients’ interest in the platform and encourage users to improve their personal skills.
The tokens will be sold in three stages. Sales will be completed in the third quarter of 2018.


The project has solid foundation in the form of an already developed well-functioning platform. The project’s team has already proven its high potential having launched another successful project and received support of a number of investors and accelerators. The education and advanced training market is estimated at billions of US dollars and it’s going to further grow online. We only need to develop some fair and convenient platforms and that's exactly what Skyllz team is doing.

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