StopTheFakes – project for organized fighting against violation of users’ rights

Current problem

No matter how many efforts public agents make, no matter how much they cooperate with secondary controlling authorities for the purpose of struggling against the fraudsters and pirates, even their joint actions cannot completely prevent the actions of both individual fraudsters and their organizations. Almost every field has its own fraudsters who misappropriate copyrights of other users. Many rights owners are tired of struggling against them, tired of searching for new ways to defeat them, as usually their efforts have no effect.

Very often we can find fake clothes of world-famous brands or even poor-quality food and medicines that can harm our health.

When receiving not what they were expecting, consumers usually blame the suppliers. In crisis times they work according to their financial situation and their conscience. Each one finds his own way out of the situation.

In the modern world reality, many consumers are used to fraudulent behavior of the market participants. Some companies earn on providing clients with cheap and not always good-quality goods. So, as many consumers cannot afford expensive and original products, they are not outraged by such cases. This means that the parties support each other, helping to promote distribution of poor-quality goods.

According to statistics in the USA, more than 90% of the population are ready to wink at poor-quality goods and even take a bribe if needed. All fields were involved in the survey. An interesting question was the amount of a bribe a person is ready to accept not to feel guilt. The answer: it’s equal to three annual salaries.

What is StopTheFakes project?

Not only fraudsters increase in number, but also those who want to fight against them, those who see the problem and know how to solve it.

More than a year ago the StopTheFakes team gathered. It consists of people who don’t want to tolerate the spread of fraudsters, and more than that, are not willing to support it by their actions or lack of actions. The project's team plans to create a single international service providing users with the ability to protect copyrights, find and eliminate pirated copies.

Great results can be achieved by combining the efforts of copyrights owners and other people who care about the spread of any types of fraud.

Thus, all companies, individual consumers and even large organizations will be able to reveal violations, eliminate them and fight against fraud. Moreover, users will be rewarded for their work within the network. It means that you can not only fight fraudsters but also earn on it.

Project’s growth prospects

In the future the project's team plans to level up and involve people from all over the world. People who notice copyright and consumer right violations and want to fight against them on their own, not waiting for some actions from authorities, as usually they have no effect. Thus, it provides a possibility for centralized fighting not only against individual fraudsters but also against organized outlawry. Creation of a worldwide network will pose a real threat for fraudulent organizations, forcing them to close down.

Usage of blockchain in fighting against fraud

For the purpose of fighting against fraud, innovative, effective and reliable technologies will be used. I am talking about blockchain, as it completely disables emerging of fakes, hidden information or transactions. Everything will be recorded by machines within a single network, leaving no chances to the fraudsters.

StopTheFakes project's principles of operation:
● Fighting against single crimes and organized outlawry around the world.
● An opportunity to involve people who care, no matter where they live.
● An opportunity to complain about crimes while staying anonymous.
● Work within the network will be completely legal.
● Users will receive remuneration for their fight against the fraud. It will be an additional stimulation to complain against obvious violations.
● The system will be affordable for a wide audience, as there will be no high rates for the services.
● The blockchain technology will provide transparency and reliability of the network.

Financial basis of the StopTheFakes project

According to statistics, the value of pirated goods worldwide exceeds $450 billion. This is how much money the rights holders lose when they fall into the fraudsters’ traps. If they cooperate with the StopTheFakes service, they will be able to protect themselves.

That’s why the developers have set a specific commission for the usage of the service. The level of this commission will be very affordable. Besides, we have already stated that everyone who wants to join the movement against fraudsters will be able to receive remuneration for his activity.

Another great opportunity to earn on the project is to invest and receive dividends. As the project’s field is rather topical, we can count on its development, which will result in increase of the amount of capital involved in the StopTheFakes platform.

There will be a set of signals in the system that have to be registered when a violation is detected. They include:
● Unique identifiers
● Date and time
● Physical coordinates or addresses of electronic resources
● Photo, video, screenshots
● Text with information about violation

All this data completes a special information block which then is recorded in the Ethereum and kept there forever as no one can erase it.

After that the customer receives a signal declaring the revealed violations, which also is recorded in the blockchain. It will be a guarantee for the contractor that he will receive his payment.

In the ecosystem a single register of law-breakers will be created. Before starting a cooperation with someone, the user will need to spend only a few seconds to check the potential partner’s reputation

Tokens in the StopTheFakes system:
● They can be used on the international level. It means that they have no actual boundaries.
● Authorities cannot control them or set commissions for their usage. It is possible due to the fact that the blockchain represents a decentralized system.
● The transactions can be conducted promptly and without big commissions.
● Tokens transfer can be conducted anonymously.
Thereby, digital technologies promote the project’s internationalization. Everyone who wants can join this topical movement and earn on it. There are no boundaries. And most importantly - the result of optimized work between people and organizations will be quite noticeable.
The blockchain will enable fast cooperation, which will outpace the fraudsters in their actions. Besides, the platform’s functional will be affordable for anyone who wants to participate. In the system you can also pay for services on copyrights protection. Meanwhile, you won’t have to constantly convert fiat currency into digital one.
As the users stay anonymous, it will help to avoid any threats from the violators. So now we can effectively - and, what’s important in the modern reality, - safely prevent and fight rights violations.

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