Blockshipping - Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry


Dear friends! Today we have an intersting and progressive ICO project!

Based on the global common container platform (GSCP), Blockshipping blockchain is the world's first cargo container registry and the first global platform that allows all players in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of operations related to the processing of containers. Using the platform is expected to make huge savings in industry and on CO2 emissions, efficiency throughout! Many of you have ordered things online, and most of these goods would be moved through containers either as finished products, raw materials, or parts.

Blockshipping is a blockchain company founded by Peter Ludwigsen in 2017. The company aims to revolutionize the container shipping industry by saving the industry a lot of money per year. Mr. Ludwigsen and his team also aim to reduce global carbon emissions and other problems affecting shipping.

As Blockshipping achieved this?

The company started with the development of Gscp (Global Shared Container Platform). It is a full-fledged blockchain Platform designed to make the most important processes in the global shipping industry more efficient. Some of the innovative solutions offered by the Platform include:

Full registry

There is currently no tracking or registry system for millions of shipping containers worldwide. The company intends to develop an accurate tracking system or registry to allow shipping companies and their customers to track shipping containers using IoT technology.

Payment platform

THE gscp company will also act as a payment platform for all interested parties. This will radically reduce administrative costs and other shortcomings.

Greybox opportunity

Currently, many shipping containers remain half empty, which increases the cost of delivery. Using Blockshipping ' GSCP, shipping companies and other stakeholders in the shipping industry will be able to find and match shipping opportunities that allow container sharing.

The ability of the street turn

Transport containers used in the export and import process are often underutilized. When such containers are empty, their value increases to $ 10 billion per year. As GSCP stands for registration and tracking systems, such empty containers will be used by both exporters and importers without any confusion in domestic warehouses or ports.

Reduction of container fleet

At the moment there is no system that would tell shipping companies where their delivery is. So many companies end up using more containers than they would use. GSCP's Blockshipping will come up with a technology that will reduce the amount of container fleet the shipping company uses.

Process automation

Some shipping companies use a lot of documents and use manual processes. GSCP Blockshipping comes with automated technologies that make the shipping process easier and reduce the overall shipping cost.

A team of experts in Blockshipping

The senior team of the company consists of Mr. Peter Ludwigsen CEO and founder, Mr. Christian Gyntelberg chief operating officer (operations Director) and Mr. Jesper Vedelsby chief technical officer (cto). All three of these people have a career spanning more than three decades in various leading companies in the shipping industry.

What issues the Platform Blockshipping?  

Blockshipping platform will solve a number of problems existing in the field of container transportation:   

  • The lack of a unified system of accounting and geolocation of containers. 
  • The complexity of the interaction of container logistics participants. 
  • High costs of intermediaries in the container market.  
  • Lack of reporting tools on the use of containers.   

In fact, the block Platform itself will be of interest to all participants of the container transportation market-ports, loading companies, terminals, logistics companies, etc.  

Why Blockshipping better than the competition?  

If we consider the advantages of Blockshipping compared to other blockchain projects related to container transportation, for example, Bitnatic or Smart Containers, it becomes obvious that Blockshipping is not so much a commercial Platform as a project aimed at optimizing the real world application industry.   

If we compare it with similar classic solutions in the industry, Blockshipping is ahead of Them in many aspects-reliability, transparency and security provided by the blockchain, real-time tracking system for containers and much more. Existing systems affecting container transport cannot provide adequate functionality.

Blockshipping ICO and how to invest

The company also introduced its two different tokens, known as Container Platform Token (CPT) and Container Crypto Coin (CCC. The first token is an internal utility token that will be used to calculate and clear all transactions and activities between GSCP platform users. These transactions include container exchange fees, handling costs at the depot and terminal, capital purchases and other related costs. CCC is an external dividend token that will be traded on public cryptocurrency exchanges.

GSCP comes with a set of unique marker features. One such feature is the Money Marker Fund, which allows CCC token holders to resell them back to Blockshipping at the lowest price after they are held for a certain period.

The company announced a pre - sale of the CCC ICO in March of this year. The pre-sale period lasted from the 1st to the 20th of March. The main initial coin offering will start on may 14, 2018 and will close on June 14, 2018. This is the first in the history of the initial range of coins based on the Danish rules of the ICO and the ICO framework 2.0.

For more information about blockshipping and gscp tokens, feel free to check out the company's official website at


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