iOlite - ICO project rewiew

IOlite platform - accessible principles of smart contract creation for all interested developers

The iOlite platform is designed to provide new standards of decentralization and scalability for developers. In fact, all interested developers receive effective and transparent opportunities to prepare smart contracts, which in the future will significantly reduce the total waste of time necessary for the implementation of classic and new business operations, with a reduction in costs and commissions for doing business.

Practice confirms that mistakes made in the code of smart contracts can lead to serious consequences-irreparable damage, significant losses of time and money. And such a probability will remain in the community further without proper systematic analysis by qualified coders.

Contribute to the achievement of such a result is called new platform iOlite. It aims to successfully bridge the existing gap separating software developers and the responsibility to create a smart contract.

What is the Iolite platform (ILT)?  New opportunities for the community

Users have the full range of features and solutions to create smart contracts on this platform with the help of any coding language or natural (including Spanish, English, Russian, French, etc.).

iOlite is an ambitious open-source software platform based on blockchain technology, machine learning, smart contract creation using transparent, modern approaches of Ethereum Blockchain. 

The ability to prepare smart contracts will be available to all programmers who have ever used the integrated development environment.

What are the goals and objectives of the ambitious Iolite project

Users of the platform will have access to a modern intelligent contract architecture using the Fast adaptation Engine (FAE). They will have access to a range of solutions and opportunities to create smart contracts depending on their tasks.

The key goal of the iOlite platform is to create a powerful unified project based on the capabilities and benefits of blockchain technology. As a result, users have a set of resources and tools to create their own smart contracts for personal tasks. Also, the project involves financing of developers and coders for the preparation of new and promising solutions.

Current solutions with Iolite platform capabilities

The platform involves working with a dependency-based action language. As a result, the opportunities of using smart contracts in the modern community are increasing.

The Ethereum blockchain technology is effectively used to develop a platform for adopting various programming languages and natural languages. At the disposal of enterprises there is a set of solutions for creating their smart contracts in the selected programming language, with its adaptation of FAE and IDE.

Why is iOlite (ILT) useful and relevant to the community?

At the companies ' disposal there are opportunities for Ruby, Python, C + and other programming languages for the training of smart contracts. The platform is clear and effective for developers and professional coders of different origins. Users get effective opportunities to convert their codes and solutions into smart contracts using Ethereum blockchain technology.

Details of the internal token and ICO of the iOlite platform

Iolite developers plan to use the internal tokens of the ILT project with their implementation on the ICO. The token will be developed on the basis of the Ethereum Blockchain technology, like other successful world coins.

Bonus for the project investors iOlite:

- For investors who bought tokens from 100 thousand dollars-a bonus of 50%.

- 40% bonus - for investors who bought tokens from 50 thousand US dollars on pre-sale.

- 25% bonus is provided for investors who purchase coins on pre-sale.

- 10-15% bonus will be given to investors buying coins during the main stage of the ICO.

How you will use the funds raised in the ICO iOlite:

- 14% of the attracted assets will be used to conduct the necessary business operations.

- 31% of the money for R & d (research and development).

- 5% of the money is directed to the formation of the reserve.

- 5% of funds-will be used for G&A.

- 45% of the money is for marketing and further development of the project.


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