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Buddy will help people to know about Blockchain opportunities

The blockchain community is developing rapidly. Hundreds of projects based on cryptocurrency and blockchain have already appeared in 2017 and 2018. However, only 1% of the population of developed countries have already bought cryptocurrency. The thing is that people do not know what blockchain and cryptocurrency are. This situation will soon change with help of the Buddy project.

Buddy project has verified partnerships with market leaders: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Github & Docker. These partners will help Buddy with introduction of blockchain to everyday developers.
Buddy is a Decentralized development Automation Platform that brings together developers, experts and end users of dApps into a single community. In this community, you can easily create your own dApp, order an application of your choice or buy a ready-made dApp.

Learn more about the running Buddy product:
Whitepaper: / BuddyWhitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread:
Author's Bitcointalk:;u=1503212

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