Real estate on the blockchain is Dominium

The real estate market is one of the most popular assets. Moreover, this sphere demonstrates stable growth from year to year. And now its total market value is more than 200 trillion US dollars. Therefore, those wishing to invest in real estate only added. And modern trends are ready to make adjustments even in such a conservative sphere as the real estate market. Meet Dominium!

Home, sweet home!

True dollar tycoon Robert Kiyosaki has had the motivation to all who seek to create a solid financial Foundation. Real estate to this day remains one of the less risky investments with a guaranteed monthly profit. But despite the popularity and demand for this area, there are certain difficulties. The difficulties of buying and selling property to citizens of another country, the growth of fraudulent transactions, paperwork and other serious "troubles" ... that still gives the real estate market huge losses due to failed transactions or illegal transactions…

Dominium-a company registered in the Netherlands in 2016, created in order to remove the "limiters" from the real estate market and give green color to the global purchase and sale (anywhere in the world). And it is already expanding and gaining momentum to attract investment in your project. The project is based on the third generation blockchain. Accordingly, the developers of the project (having an impressive experience in the field of real estate) see in the blockchain the salvation of the situation and the transition of the real estate market to a new, modern, level of purchase and sale through smart contracts. Of course, fixed from the legal side.

Change the established market

In General, even such a conservative industry as "real estate" thanks to new technologies, ready to simplify and make even more secure. The fact is that the property platform on the blockchain gives a number of advantages: if it is decentralization, increased security, speed of data exchange, legal and transparent transactions…

In addition, to participate in the purchase and sale of real estate will be able to any member of the platform Dominium... currently the company is buying property in the Netherlands, UK, Germany... Respectively, such globalization will give a real opportunity to purchase real estate abroad without intermediaries.

Working crypto

For speed and ease of transactions, all transactions on the platform will be conducted only through the internal currency – Dom, utility token. In total, the company issued 1 billion tokens. For sale – 70%. The cost of 1 Dom = 0.10-0.25 euros (depending on the phase of ITO). The minimum investment is 100 Dom.

Softcap project of 2.5 million euros has already been collected. The goal of the project is to raise 92.5 million euros.


In fact, developers, staying in the real estate market for a long time, faced with serious obstacles... So they first ventured to modernize the established industry. As a result of their modernization, it will be possible to become the owner of property abroad regardless of the financial situation. This situation and this property globalization, clearly, "move" the continents. And the international purchase and sale will begin. With a single regulatory framework and all ready – made documents for any kind of transaction-the world will become a universal Home with cottages on the Islands…

In addition, the participants of the Dominium platform will be able not only to sell and buy real estate, but also to rent it, accumulate assets, be confident in the integrity and safety of all documents for the purchase and sale through a secure blockchain system, participate in charity and receive immediate assistance on legal and property issues through the company's support service.

In short, the revolution in real estate is long overdue!..

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