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The unique Multiversum project is a blockchain of the fourth generation with a large number of advantages before competitors and predecessors. This blockchain will become the revolutionary decision from the point of view of safety and reliability of data storage.Multiversum is the flexible system, capable to process the complex structures of data characteristic of the corporate environment.

What problems does it solve?

On the Multiversum platform, there is a difficult data structure instead of the sequence, which is splittings of chains and reunions. It is used for ensuring bigger scalability and overlapping, and for the concept of check of reliability of integrity. That is the cryptographic proof of a code of the server, instead of the existing decisions on the proof of work is implemented.Besides, Multiversum will include integration of ERC20/ERC23 which allows to place coins and tokens from other decisions in a chain and vice versa. Meanwhile, along with these innovations several good decisions, which already exist in blockchains of present generation, will be used. Multiversum has created the relational database, which can be used in difficult industrial, technological state, various commercial environments. One of main objectives is the satisfaction of needs of each subject of the market who demands high operational safety.

Principle of work of Multiversum

In Multiversum protocols of consensus Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake aren't used. Instead of them Proof-of-Integrity is used. We will combine this new blockchain with tokens of ERC20 and ERC23. Solutions of Multiversum can be also placed on external blockchains.The mobile applications for Android and iOS, allowing to make fast transactions with several currencies, will be soon released. Solutions of Multiversum will be developed in the sphere of finance, productions, health care, in public sector and also will be used by individuals, offering the affordable price.Multiversum concentrates on three "P": people, planet and, of course, profit.

ICO conditions

If there are any problems with access to ICO, for which Multiversum can't bear responsibility, or suspensions in connection with other force major circumstances the team reserves the right to continue ICO period for 15 days to guarantee participation of investors.

Dates of ICO: 16-04-2018 till 10-06-2018Soft restriction: $5 000 000 (if during preliminary and main ICO soft restriction isn't reached, means will be returned).

Tight restriction: $65 000 000 (as soon as the tight restriction is reached, reception of voluntary contributions will be stopped).

General offer: 141 000 000 MTV.

1% of the raised funds will be offered to the charitable organizations.

An airdrop of unallotted tokens in all purses will be carried out twice a week. Airdrop will begin in 2 weeks after the termination ICO and will proceed for about 18 months.

You can address for more detailed information and answers to questions to this site

Advantages of the Multiversum service

There are some advantages, which favourably distinguish this project from many others:

* Relationable blockchainBlockchain of new generation, which changes from an opportunity to operate only one type of data in a line way to several types of data, connected with each other on the identifier, in one multidimensional structure.

* Transaction speedLess than in 0,2 seconds funds are transferred from one wallet to another, passing all corresponding steps, certifying safety of operation. It is one of the fastest blockchains in the world.

* Number of transactionsUp to 64 000 TPS on the 64-core server (1000 TPS on a kernel), support of system more than 64 kernels - scalability without restrictions.

* Extreme safety of transactionsThe concept of POS (The proof of a rate) won't exist any more: POI (the proof of integrity) will replace it.

* Wallet of new generation / biometric entranceThe highest safety at access to a wallet and also when means are send through biometric input.

* Eco-friendlyIt means that he transaction has irrelevant costs and almost zero influence on the environment.

* KickbackThe system of kickback will be optional and available in special solutions of ad - hoc, which can be drawn by using of this function.

* The duplicated chainsIt is the optimization of working loading with distribution of resources between available knots thanks to a possibility of splitting of the main chain on several subchains.

* Allocation of restoration knots

The Multiversum Company has placed peripheral knots of global restoration on different continents.

The team of Multiversum

For implementation of the Multiversum project leading experts from various branches are brought together. The team includes highly professional people; each of them has wide experience of work. It guarantees success of the project and provides its development.The team wants to create a unique product. For its high efficiency only the most modern technologies, thanks to which it is possible to create the platform with the highest requirements in safety and efficiency and the high speed of work, are used.

Author's conclusions

As for me, I like this project because of new technology and its team which is very international. Also I want to note that blockchains very well shoot now and give good X after entry into the exchanges. To my mind, this moment is the most important for us. That is why I have decided to invest in this project. If you wish to know more about Multiversum, visit this site It helps you to understand whether you want to take part in the project or not. 

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