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The most popular technological trends among investors today are the Internet of things and artificial intelligence. At first glance, you may think that this is another exchange that will not bring you much benefit. However, I would not jump to conclusions and looked at this exchange more closely. Since the main feature of this exchange is its decentralization. Why is that important? Let's see. First, many exchanges that exist at the moment are centralized. Yes, they are able to provide a wide range of services based on the experience of many years of practice, however, these exchanges are very vulnerable to any cyber attacks. And if this attack occurs, then all participants of the exchange suffer from it at once. As you remember, this phenomenon has been repeatedly recorded in the history of cryptocurrencies.

And now consider the principle of decentralized exchange. The main feature of which is the security of all network members, and protect their funds from cyber attacks. At the expense of what it occurs? Many of you know the principles of a decentralized network that allows you to store information simultaneously on each individual computer. This principle allows you to support and reveal the essence of the decentralized blockchain as much as possible, as well as to satisfy your user in the reliability and safety of his personal funds stored in his personal wallet. Since the possible hacking, the hacker will be able to hack only a single or a small group of computers, which significantly reduces losses than in a centralized network. When one break-in suffer from all participants. Advantages I think are obvious.

Thus, the founding team took care of the safety of its future customers and developed its exchange with the most profitable position for all. This category of people includes both experienced players of the crypto-currency space (investors or traders) and ordinary people (beginners), who are just starting their way in the crypto-currency world. As stated by the developers in the initial stages of the exchange Deex will use a ready-made engine Bitshares, with which they will be able to carry out quick trading and easy exchange of various coins all popular payment methods. For further growth and development of the exchange, the developers plan to create their own engine of the exchange, on the well – known platform-Graphene, which will not be inferior in its characteristics and power to the existing BTS tokens.

This platform will allow to implement a number of functions necessary for high-quality performance of all tasks of Deex exchange:

The first and most important thing that starts with the exchange is to create your own wallet that will meet all the latest security requirements and features that allow you to quickly and efficiently make transfers to its members with a minimum Commission;
The second, no less important action that the developers plan to implement is to create their own crypto assets, as well as their further trading on the exchange;
At the same time, you can easily buy and sell any coins and tokens, as well as create a large number of crypto-currency pairs, using the most popular coins (BTC, ETH and Deex token);
Also Deex, allows all its users to participate not only in promising companies and invest in their own investments, but also to participate in the further distribution of profits;
In addition to all this, all the necessary tools and mechanisms for new ICO projects will be available on the platform itself, which I think is also very interesting;
Also, the main functions of Deex will include the so-called gateways, through which the platform participants will be able to interact with other payment systems and trading platforms, using the functions of input and output of their Fiat funds;
And to provide these operations the most reliable security will allow the algorithm based on the DPOS blockchain.

By creating this platform, the founders of the project were going to solve a number of existing problems. And also to create such a comfortable functionality for its members of the platform, so that they can easily solve all their current tasks and goals, quickly, efficiently and reliably. At the same time, the decentralized platform allows all users to visually manage their assets, place them on the exchange and integrate the profits from their wallet directly into cryptocurrency (debit cards). This principle of interaction will allow you to quickly and easily convert any cryptocurrency into Fiat money and make various payments, whether it is a product or a service. What I think is very convenient and in demand in our world.

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