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Welcome my dear friends.I want to introduce you to a unique project. Have you already invested in the project? If not, then you have the opportunity. Today I will present you a promising project as the blockchain domain continues to grow, the need for new fork forks becomes inevitable as existing structures cannot accommodate new users at an effective rate.

Diet Bitcoin is a new BTC fork created by Roberto Escobar, the younger brother of the famous cocaine drug Lord and cult figure Pablo Escobar. According to his website, Roberto claims that other virtual currencies such as ETH LTC are constantly flagged and targeted by Federal agencies and are therefore subject to systemic inefficiencies.

However, the Sejm Bitcoin, he promises, acts in such a way that it is completely independent and is not affected by the invasion of a third party.

What is offered?

Unique business model:
DietBitcoin (DDX), as mentioned earlier, is a tight fork of Bitcoin and is currently being launched using ICO Tokens currently being sold at a 96% discount on the stated value of $ 50 to facilitate the initial sale of the volume.

Proof of inflation:
In order to limit the problems associated with the cash flow, only 1000 000 tokens were created and provided to the masses.

The native network deploys independent nodes that can securely validate transactions as well as internal data flows.

Non-profit resources:
Frame, expanded Diet of Bitcoin allows it to be suitable for use in a whole range of digital devices.

Other key aspects

Incentive-based economy:
Through the use of a three-tier reward structure, the platform is able to adequately compensate all network members in a fair and equitable manner.

The undervalued side of this currency is that it can easily be used for enterprise use.

Of course, this platform is fully decentralized and thus provides users with a high level of transparency and overall security.

In General, the total volume of 1 000,0000 tokens will be provided, which will be available to potential investors. The sale will be negotiated through a series of three sales periods during which different discounts and benefits will be available.

These include:
This is the first sale that will allow users to purchase the first 300,000 DDX tokens. During this period, the discount is 96% and each token is available for a small amount of 2.

pre-ICO of the second level:
During this period, sales will be issued another 300,000 tokens for public use. Each token will be available for $ 100 during this round.

Main sales:
During this period, the remaining 400,000 coins will be sold. Each token will be available for $ 1000.
Road map:

December 2017
Idea and coin development

January 2018
Platform test

February 2018
The launch of the platform and platform development
Released Block Explorer

October 2018.
ICO Crowdsale is complete
Main client for Windows / Linux / OSX released
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Listing on stock exchanges
Extraction of minerals
Runs a web wallet

March 2018.
The beginning of the ICO Crowdsale
Exchange platform opened
Released Android wallet
IOS wallet released

November 2018, and further
Open source development
Increase network speed

December 2018
Network Protocol announcements

Detailed information:

Web site:
Technical document:

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