Good evening, dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to a new but promising project.To date, there are a huge number of projects that change our world and expand the boundaries of our capabilities. And now I suggest you take a step towards a new world and get acquainted with another worthy idea embodied in the unique project DESICO.

The DESICO platform is a unique novelty in the field of production and trade of safe (or security) tokens, based on blockchain technology, in full compliance with the current legislation. The team is preparing to launch a platform that allows users to launch ICO with the release of security tokens.
Everyone will benefit from the project: both the organizers of the ICO (simplicity, convenience, security) and investors who will be provided with a guarantee of legal compliance, full legal support and built-in exchange for trading tokens. DESICO will build a modern infrastructure to launch a Security ICO, an important factor is the release of DESICO's own cryptocurrency. The owners of the official DESICO token will have privileges. Tokens will also be the fuel of the platform, all services provided within the DESICO platform will be paid in DESI tokens.
The project will provide an opportunity to decentralize investments in advance of the payment for tokens. The platform is registered in Lithuania, the European Union and the Eurozone, which means it will operate within the legal framework of The Lithuanian Crowdfunding law and under the control of the Bank of Lithuania.

The process of the platform.

The DESICO team notes that their platform is designed to secure tokens that give owners ownership of a share of the business. Such tokens differ from simple cryptocurrencies and are subject to much stricter rules. DESICO hopes to help both start-up companies and investors navigate this legal environment and ultimately disrupt the venture capital industry.
The DESICO platform will offer investors peace of mind; they can rest assured that all listed on the ICO site are legitimate, reputable and completely legal. Another significant advantage of the platform is that investors will be able to verify their identity only once and then use this verification to participate in any of the ICO site.

Design feature.

Legal support. DESICO will be supported by the national Bank of Lithuania, which in turn relies on the Central European Bank. This fact will make the platform fully compliant with all applicable laws and licenses, both legal and financial.

Full infrastructure. The main services of the platform will include support in the creation of the company, preparation of all necessary documentation for the ICO, ICO marketing, as well as technical support. Now, starting their own business businessmen will receive full support throughout the process of raising funds and transferring their tokens to investors.

European license. DESICO plans to either own this license with the ability to support all participants in the system, or, if it is more convenient, to attract an existing organization to cooperate in this field.

Internal stock exchange for the listing of the tokens. DESICO will provide a listing of tokens of various projects that complete ICO on the platform. This feature of the platform will support the liquidity of the project and remove the reason for the excitement of investors.

Community DESICO. The platform independently filters projects before entering the platform, and the community of independent experts will evaluate them. DESICO's position is that they want a more objective assessment.

Advantages of the project.

Blockchain will allow DESICO to implement tokenization, which will give THE project a number of advantages for global financial markets. For example, the removal of intermediaries who charge a Commission for their services.

The use of smart contracts will fully decentralize the DESICO platform and ITS services.

DESICO will create an efficient and fully transparent platform that stores transaction data on the blockchain, recording all transactions related to the sale and purchase of security tokens.

ICO details.

The official token of the project is the DESI token, on which all the functionality of the DESICO ecosystem will be based.
Crowdsale: from August 20 to November 1, 2018.
The name of the token: DESI
Token type: ERC-20
Softcap: $3,500,000
Hardcap: $32,000,000
Accepted currency: ETH
Issue: 803,631,373 DESI
In total, 804 million tokens will be issued, from which 410 million will be available for purchase by investors. The remaining part (49%) will be distributed among the project team members, advisors, reserve Fund, bounty, financial consultants.
Token distribution:
18 % business development;
20% marketing;
9% of the legal regulation;
11 % operating expenses;
10% reserve.

A few words about the team.

Some of the best people in this field are working on the project. Each of them is a professional, an indispensable cog in the mechanism, responsibly performing their duties and contributing to the improvement of the functionality of the platform. It is thanks to these professionals, working together harmoniously, the project is already considered promising and competitive.


Summing up all the above, I came to the conclusion that the development team really are professionals in their field. This company creates a quality product that is unique today. The creators of the project conscientiously and responsibly approach each task, trying to improve their product as much as possible, which undoubtedly affects the interest of users. Analysis of the company suggests that these people have every chance to make changes to the existing picture of the familiar world. I propose to pay attention to this company and learn more about it by clicking on the links below.

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