The most popular technological trends among investors today are the Internet of things and artificial intelligence. But recently, rapidly took the lead in the technology of the Blockchain. What if we put all three of these technologies together? That's what Skynet decided to do. They create a Blockchain chip that will be embedded in gadgets to connect them into a single Blockchain network. Today we will consider the ICO of this project and at the same time learn what synergy awaits us from such a symbiosis of technologies.

Productivity is the most urgent problem of Blockchain technology today. As options of its solution, technologies for separate branches are created. Their disadvantage is that these Blockchains are difficult, the roads are not safely integrated with other Blockchains that are in the external environment, which is often necessary.

For example, the world of the Internet of things. Today it is a wide selection of gadgets connected to the Internet. These are fitness bracelets, smart watches, smart home and so on. And they all have different manufacturers, which means that they are Autonomous from each other and when you connect them to existing Blockchains, the above problems will not allow to do it without security risk.

The use of existing Blockchains, such as, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, threatens the so-called transition risks. Transitions are the places where the Blockchain connects to the external environment, they are most exposed to hacker attacks. How to eliminate the risks of transitions?

Skynet is the world's first Blockchain chip. It provides secure communication of devices with existing Blockchains.

For existing Blockchains, Skynet provides new scalability without compromising consensus.
The Skynet chip will be integrated into its products by manufacturers. This will give their products additional properties that the Blockchain opens. These are micro transactions, payments, secure interaction with other devices and so on. And, since the devices connected to Skynet will be networked, they will be able to share important information with each other. In particular, mutually improve and acquire the properties of a single distributed mechanism.

Skynet already has many agreements with well-known companies in the IT industry. The initial investments from the Open Singularity Fund from Singapore, which specializes in investments in technology at the junction of artificial intelligence and Blockchain, were also attracted.

Skynet opens the door to a world of universal transparency and trust that is provided technologically. For example, with Skynet it will be possible to implement the concept of the economy of universal use. Once she seemed utopian, but over time, its elements become increasingly common. This is when you use everything you want in the world, and all the calculations are automatic. The same applies not only to spending, but also earnings. When a person performs any socially useful activity, and the value is calculated automatically and is reflected in his wallet.

Another example from the world of fantasy, which will soon become a reality. It's machine vision technology. IP cameras with a Skynet Core chip can recognize events and warn relevant people about them. The accuracy of recognition and targeting of people who need to be notified about certain events will also constantly grow. Because Skynet is a self-developing system.

Another nice bonus is that Skynet gadgets will mine their owners currency. This will increase the motivation to use the devices. Accordingly, the user experience will increase, and with it the speed of development of gadgets. Progress can just instantly jump from Skyne, changing the world beyond recognition in the next decade.

Token: SKT
Token standard: Ethereum ERC-20
Total issued tokens: 1 000 000 000
Hard cap: $38M

Skyne is a new approach to scaling aimed at a promising industry. The project has already attracted initial investments and has agreements with partners. Now the Pre-ICO begins, the discount on tokens is 20%.

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