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Welcome my dear readers. I want to introduce you to a very promising project. By participating in this project you have the opportunity to earn very well.The project has no analogues and will be in great demand among investors.The Internet has caused a revolution in the industry of musical entertainment, and that's not all. The industry is on the move, trying to find the right balance between the interests of its various stakeholders: artists, fans and intermediaries. One recent trend is that the line between fans and artists becomes blurred as new types of interactive interactions between them become available, and as more ordinary people use the outside environment of the Internet to become performers in their own right.
iLink2Music wants to be a new Cathedral for this growing and evolving entertainment community. He plans to unite the musicians and their fans and help the latter become the first. Although it offers a wide range of community features related to the cryptocurrency economy, its stellar offering is a competitive platform with voting based on blockchain technology.

What will the community get from iLink2Music?

iLink2Music will serve as a music-centric social media platform with many different features including an online international radio station, news feed, forums, blogs, casual games, live concert streams, physical goods and virtual gift shops, co-creation workshops and contests. People will be able to create user profiles and, if you want, participate in various events and competitions, as well as simply share content with each other and collaborate in creative projects. While a significant portion of the platform's offerings will be free, users will have to pay ELINK tokens to use a variety of premium offerings, such as in-game purchases, subscriptions, and access to exclusive content, all of which are executed through smart contracts. Promotions will also be present on the platform.

The above contests form a key part of the iLink2Music concept. The platform will be used for many different contests with prizes for famous celebrities, as well as for influential participants and users of the platform. As part in the vote, and the vote on the contests, in accordance with their specific rules will require ELINK. The IL2Voting platform will combine public and private locks for maximum security. The actual voting process can be processed via blockchain technology or offline, but in any case the voting records will be checked and recorded in the public blockchain, while the anonymity of voters will be preserved. The contests will provide both excerpts and prizes for the winners.

What are the advantages of this project?

ILink2Music's voting Protocol offers a solution to the drama that so often accompanies online voting, providing security and transparency to ensure trust in the competitions being taken. Along with the many features promised by the rest of the community platform, this should make it attractive to users. If this calculation pays off and the site becomes popular, iLink2Music will have many different options when it comes to expanding the revenue stream such as advertising, more promotions and games, downloading music, etc. Meanwhile, community users will get a new hub where they get together and maybe try to access.

Several members of the iLink2Music team have significant experience and connections in the entertainment industry and should be able to use this to gain critical project support. To this end, the team also promises to conduct an aggressive marketing campaign through various channels. Later, it undertakes to rely on user feedback. The project already has copyrights and trademarks in North America and the European Union.

Competitions play an important role in the modern entertainment ecosystem, allowing new artists to test and demonstrate their talents, getting valuable exposure. The main groundbreaking proposal by iLink2Music - a more robust voting system-may seem relatively small, but will undoubtedly have an appeal. If this is accepted, it can become very important for the continued development of the industry.
The rest of the project is now more on promises than on specific details, but maybe it's just a matter of time. Of course, there is a place to create a full-fledged music center with a strong symbolic economy, if the team can provide it. Both the actual value of iLink2Music and its success will depend on its ability to attract a sufficient number of users and partners. If it attracts enough stakeholders, it could play a big role in the online music community in the coming years.

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