Welcome my dear friends.Crypto currency is experiencing serious shocks and it is difficult to choose a worthy project. But today my mind was drawn to the project . I advise everyone to look at this project.BitStash is a crypto-commercial trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to buy products all over the world. Platform BitStash is simple and safe. Users who are in it can freely interact with each other. Also, the platform will have a large security system.

On the BitStash market, participants can buy or sell new items for cryptocurrency. You can join the BitStash market for free. Each market participant BitStash will get a safe wallet for cryptocurrencies. BitStash aims to be a major solution for finding trusted vendors who accept payment for encryption and STASH tokens. All suppliers will offer quality service on the website to provide consumers with a quality experience on the platform. The developers have a 100% working platform that currently works and accepts all offers from suppliers around the world.

How it works:
The BitStash Marketplace platform is extremely easy to use for both vendors and new entrants. You just need to create an account, choose whether you are a "Seller" or a "buyer".


After registration, you will have an active BitStash account. This means that you now have secure crypto wallets. To make a purchase you will need to replenish your wallet with Bitcoin or Ethereum. After replenishment, you just need to start viewing the goods. After selecting your favorite product you need to add it to the cart or continue shopping. During the process of registration of the VA will be offered the parameters of delivery and cryptocurrency with which you want to complete the transaction. Okay! The seller will receive a notification of your order and begin shipping the purchased items. To avoid any problems that may arise, the developers have installed "buyer and its funds protection" during the entire purchase process.


You only need to specify "I'm a seller"when creating an account. The BitStash platform has a dedicated team that reviews all sellers ' offers and asks you to lay out your first product for a faster approval process. One of the BitStash team representatives will contact you after the publishing and processing process.

In BitStash want all the sellers used BitStash fully, and BitStash Group assistance will help the sellers throughout the process. Each seller has a seller Commission set on their account at 3%. This is the highest Commission that will be on the platform. All fees are paid in STASH sellers tokens. BitStash plans to reduce these transaction fees to 0.25% during the transaction.

Advantages of this project:
Lowest price.

The current interest rate will never increase. In fact, it will only decrease over time. There will be no subscriptions for sellers, but there will be a Commission of no more than 3% which will also decrease. BitStash can currently process payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Help center and a refund

Customer security is something that developers take very seriously. Therefore, an advanced escrow system was introduced into the platform.If the ordered goods are not delivered or cannot be verified as delivered,the system will not provide funds to the seller. Once the customer contact support, their funds will be returned.
Accommodation of advertising

Sometimes advertising can be a bit annoying, but the developers have created a stable model where advertising is no problem. Advertisers will be able to purchase " ad spaces." All ads must conform to the standards of BitStash and must not violate the terms of BitStash.

Customers have a 100% functional web application that can be accessed from all computers, mobile phones and smart devices that have an Internet connection. This allows BitStash to reach the mainstream consumer base. Any seller who does not want to download or install any software on their devices can completely avoid this. In addition, you can easily log in to the platform from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection.
Details ICO:
Token: STASH

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 36,000,000,000 STASH

Price: 1 STASH = 0,0001 ETH

Payment: ETH

Soft cap: 100 ETH

Hard cap: 40,000 ETH

Road map:
June 2018 - search for partners and suppliers. The launch of pre-sale ICO.

July 2018 - BitStash Crowdsale

August 2018-Android and iOS Apps

September 2018-STASH exchange token Lists. Start internal exchange. Purchase products with STASH.

October 2018 - participants in the bonus Airdrop. Start of STAD Quarterly Airdrops.

November 2018-Adding more coins.

December 2018-Showcase Platform and statistics.

At the moment, the developers have 100 working platform for trading. Plus, there are very few trading platforms on the crypto currency, and Bitstash gives its users not only protection of funds, but also a profitable platform for trading. I advise you to pay attention to it.

More about the project:

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