Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting project. Real estate today is still perhaps the most stable object for investment. Large funds, and just people who have free money, always try to ensure their capitalization at the expense of real estate. Why? Well, at least because this investment is most resistant to fluctuations in the exchange rate, including the world.

And if there are industrial or regional problems (for example, as in Detroit in the US), then unsuccessful investments can more than cover insurance. Insurance companies, by the way, are very willing to insure real estate objects. And banks can often give them a loan. All because real estate is quite valuable capital, at least, again, this situation has developed to the current day.

But is it so easy to get such capital? Yes, if it is a separate purchase of an apartment for subsequent lease, then, in principle, 3-4 weeks of red tape with documents and notaries and a valuable asset passes from one owner to another. And then, I emphasize, there is red tape. And what if you are a representative of the Fund, which intends to buy such assets in several countries of the world?

And here comes the gold mine... for all sorts of middlemen. Realtors, notaries, housing and non-residential specialists, the need for special documents and permits for each country separately. There it is necessary to look for the resident, there it is possible to be the nonresident, but additional charges go off scale. And it's just the tip of the iceberg, which we'll talk about later in this article.

Dominium comes to the outdated, in terms of technical support, real estate management market, in order to simplify it all the key and side processes. And it is possible, of course, due to the blockchain technology.
And if you think, " Well, we've seen that before." Don't jump to conclusions. Dominium surprised me with its technology and vision, and will surprise you. This is a really advanced and cool project in its field! I decided to devote a whole series of articles to it, in which I will show and tell you about it from all sides and even sides. Today we will get acquainted with the main problems of the market that Dominium offers to solve and highlight the basic principles of the platform.

Problems in the real estate market
Few people doubt that investment in real estate is a good investment, but it has low liquidity and a long investment term. In addition, the entry and exit from such capitalization is an extremely difficult and long - term matter.

Once again, if in the case of a separate apartment, we have a few weeks of fuss with documents, notaries and various services, in the case of distributed objects, it can take months, and sometimes even years. And you can even forget in this case about the huge accompanying costs for specialists in this field. To forget - it is in the sense, as in a nightmare, just ignore them, although they will remind myself constantly.

At the same time, investments in real estate are still extremely relevant, as they have a high degree of stability, resistance to inflation, do not actually contain energy costs. And these investments are available not only for market experts, but also for anyone. It is still an excellent portfolio for diversification of investment risks.

Solution using blockchain
On the other hand, for several years there is such a thing as blockchain. And it is the blockchain that has long been considered as a technological improvement of processes in the industry, with both technical and market experts. But what is the way?

Most likely, it is the novelty and insufficient dissemination of information about the new technology. Perhaps the inconvenience of working with her and the lack of market solutions that do the job easy and simple.

If you plunge a little into history, the first cryptocurrency that was released on the blockchain technology was Bitcoin in 2009. Already in 2014, the first house in the US was sold for another cryptocurrency, and the apartments that were sold with the help of blockchain appeared in 2017 in the UK, and then in 2018 in the same States.

Another significant obstacle in the widespread spread of real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies, experts see the instability of the latter. Constant fluctuations in the exchange rate and the lack of prevalence among all segments of the population, make these transactions so far isolated and almost exclusive.

The potential of blockchain in the sphere of trade and lease of real estate has not yet been disclosed. Dominium offers a complete review of the current state of the market and unlock the potential of all technological aspects of the new technology to the maximum!

From the very beginning of its existence, blockchain has been used as a tool for cryptocurrency movement, but today experts understand that smart contracts based on blockchain technology can mean much more in real estate transactions, changing and improving the whole essence of interaction and management of property assets. Moreover, if you look at the survey World Economic Form, most of the answers say that by 2025 10% of the global GDB will be transmitted through the blockchain and stored there.

But it is the blockchain that is obliged to allow the real estate market to become easier, faster, more transparent and safer. It has sufficient potential for technological improvement of the market in all aspects! He almost isolates cheaters, removes unnecessary middlemen, making transactions extremely fast and trust!

And if we touch on the processes of real estate management, here the blockchain reveals itself in all its glory. Real estate, because it is not only the transaction type of purchase and sale, it is also marketing, rent, settlement, accounting, risk management, reporting to the state and Executive bodies. All this can be automated!

And how this experience will be used by Dominium, we will talk with you in the next article. And believe me, it will surprise you! So there are interesting moves and solutions in the project that you just need to know about them.

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