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Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting project.Hello dears! Once a simple hobby of gamers to conquer the vastness of the virtual space of online games, strategies or shooters, now stands out in a very popular direction — eSports. Tournaments that used to be held in the walls of small game halls turned into global competitions not inferior in scale to classical sports, virtual competitions themselves have become an official sport. ESports has millions of fans who have organized into teams and compete in their skills.

Gaming industry due to the excitement and dedication of its users is an excellent engine of progress. Due to the huge demand for new games and the thirst of users to conquer the next part of your favorite shooter manufacturers are constantly engaged in the development and improvement of computer games. This in turn led to increased demands on computer performance and encouraged gamers to do periodic upgrades of their machines. Of course, all this generated a demand for more modern components and to some extent moved the industry.

Thus, gaming in its modern form is quite a powerful movement, which revolves huge finances. The phenomenon of the world of blockchain and smart contracts certainly could not bypass e-sports. And in my opinion, the introduction of these technologies in the industry is a very good solution.

Esports ecosystem offers to introduce a single cryptocurrency for gamers around the world, as well as to sponsor players and tournaments by increasing the prize pools. This measure will allow gamers to have a single cryptocurrency for eSports and earn even more.

In order to make a profit from gaming now you do not have to be an eSports player, you just need to have Esports ecosystem — ESE platform tokens in your wallet. For ESE storage, you will receive additional tokens, which can be a good passive income.

In the near future, you will have a good opportunity to purchase ESE tokens at the most favorable cost at the early stage of the project's inception. Esports ecosystem offers for sale ESE, in order to attract investment in the implementation of the platform.
Predvaritelnaya sale ESE _
15.09.- 30.09.2018 the cost of 1ESE = $0.0019 Hard Cup on Pre Sale is $2 413 000

**Main sale of ESE **
10.10-31.10.2018 the cost of 1ESE = $0.0039 Hard Cup on Pre Sale is $19 734 000

The total Hard Cup is $22 147 000
Minimum purchase 0.1 ETH or 500ACT

Current Esports ecosystem partners
Canada Cup is a service for organizing e-sports tournaments.
Evo-world tournament on the most popular fighting games.
The blockchain Foundation is a global blockchain platform that enables users to create smart contracts and decentralized applications.
The project team consists of large specialists including experienced gamers, developers of decentralized solutions, experts in the field of encryption, experts in the field of Finance and design. As well as reputable individuals with good contacts in reputable third-party organizations.

Summing up the interim result, it can be concluded that at the stage of the birth of the crypto industry, it is very important to be the first to occupy a niche to begin development in it, which is what Esports ecosystem is currently engaged in. The project has all the chances and potential to properly implement the idea of becoming a globally recognized service for eSports, and the ESE token will become a very liquid asset in the crypto-currency market.

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